Such bright colors, I say!

And a giveaway!
It must be September on An Indian Summer!

Vidushi had always loved art and
design and kind of knew, right from school that she would end up doing it for a
living. Born and raised in New Delhi, she graduated in BFA in
Communication Design from the Parsons School of Design and worked in New
York during her formative years. After returning to India, Vidushi created and
started the metallic world of élan. Vidushi is passionate about the
tactile, the messy, and the raw – designs and colors that transcend the mundane
and bring joy to your everyday life.

élan creates refreshingly happy moments with style and panache. The
vivid colors and delightful patterns is the first thing that catches your eye,
and the very well-crafted objects in metal, bring an instant smile on your
face. élan’s lifestyle products range from trays, stools, napkin rings,
lanterns, buckets, boxes, gardening tools, bird homes…and the list goes on!
Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand.

~ Give Away ~
Here’s your chance to bring these lovelies into your home this week. You can shop right here, AND, enter this giveaway to win a voucher of INR 2500 to make your purchases!

How to enter:

1. Browse through all the happy products available on élan
2. Leave the name/link of your favorite product right here, on facebook. Leave the comment on this post too, to double your chances
3. And, that’s it! Winner shall be announced on Friday – September 6th. Don’t forget to check here to see if you are the lucky birdie to have won the voucher!
All the best, folks!
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Comments (28)

  1. Another visual treat for our senses.

    I love metal trunks in all the shapes and sizes. There's something about old school luggage, it brings back the joy of an era when the journey was as important as the destination. One of my fav products will be this compact metal trunk.

    Would love to stack books, board games and knick knacks for our next sunday fun picnic to lodhi garden.

    I am sure it is going to be a attention grabber. Some vintage fun.

  2. Elan products are way too beautiful.So difficult to choose …all the products are so bright and pretty. My fav one is the bird house..its just lovely ! And also the six bottle caddy !

  3. My heart goes for élan chantilly gift box – this is absolutely different from the rest of the products and looks extremely elegant and classy. It has a refineness to its design and the pristine white color makes it further beautiful and attractive. I have always been fond of filigree work, but the way it is done and thought out for a gift box, that's really amazing. Am just scared that if i give it to someone dear the gift within the box may not match up to the beautiful box and will lose its charm in front of it. The box itself is a gift, just give it away to your friend with a lovely handmade note wrapped in satin cloth inside it. What do you say?…/elan-chantilly-gift-box

  4. All the products are so so good. Colorful and will add gaiety to any place. The gardening tools and buckets are so nice too. The one which caught my eye is this one, the lovely multi-purpose box, in white, which reminds me of intricate work done with white lace. Suitable to give a favourite person as a gift, or suitable to have it yourself as a storage box. Simplicity and intricate beauty combined together…/elan-chantilly-gift-box

  5. I have been eyeing the bird house and lovely homes and garden accessories since long ..back from shopo days love most of the products