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I have always admired the creative peeps who could draw, sketch or paint. The ability to give shape to your imagination and thoughts onto a paper or canvas, is for me, one of the most powerful and desired skill.
Bringing to you three such incredibly talented artists…
Shirin Sahba

When Shirin shared her work with me, I couldn’t stop looking at the quaint eclectic art on her site. I love her technique, and the miniature figures and the interesting details in her paintings.


Shirin Sahba was born in India to an architect and graphic designer, spending her adolescent years surrounded by the pristine azures of the Mediterranean, and visiting 25 countries before she was sixteen. It was travel that compelled her to paint and her palette was laden with the colors, the tones, the contours and textures of the vibrant landscapes she was privileged to encounter and the vivid personalities who negotiated those spaces.

Inspired by everything from Indian miniatures, Persian art, Moroccan design to French & Italian movies of the 50’s & 60’s, her work is a shimmering mix of intensely colorful influences from her life.



She ships worldwide, and is constantly turning out new work at her studio. You can take a look at her site and follow her creative process on her blog

Maheswari Janarthanan
Maheswari describes herself as an illustrator, designer, photographer and a dreamer! Her many interests and immense talent is evident in her  illustrations and mixed media work.



Take a look at Maheswari’s diverse portfolio here and here, and get in touch with her via her blog
Dithi Chakrabortty
Dithi’s stunning art has been celebrated in the blogland for quite some time now, and her work gets more alluring with each new creation. For me, her art is evocative of the rich heritage, genteel traditions and the beautiful people of Bengal.


Dithi is a self taught artist and she creates her masterpieces depicting Indian traditions, women, religious mythology and folklore, at her home studio in Geneva.
In Dithi’s own words:
India never fails to inspire me, deeply and consistently. The traditional and folk art forms, its people, its colors and cultures, everything from the simplicity of day-to-day life to the grandeur of festivals, my experiences and memories from back home, the sights and sounds and how they vary from a small quaint town to a bustling metropolitan. Living so far away from home over the last 3+ years has helped me appreciate India more and my art is my way of nurturing that love.

You can read more about Dithi’s creative journey on her blog, and buy her paintings and prints from her etsy shop.

[All images copyrighted to the respective artist]

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  1. Such incredible talent in all of them, and such different styles too! Of course I have followed Dithi's work, but thanks for introducing me to Shirin and Maheshwari! Great post!

  2. Me and my little daughter Marta, from Barcellona, like this pictures so much! Marta sais the best one is the blanck and white one and this with the VESPA.

  3. What fabulous art! I am feeling so inspired just by looking at this post today morning. Thank you.

  4. Am a fan of Dithi's and Maheshwari's work – have been for a while. But thank you so much for featuring Shirin Sahba. I LOVE her work. Its fresh & cool. love her compositions.

  5. I love this! I'm a graphic designer/artist and I'm often disappointed by the lack of available art from other cultures. I seldom give cards to friends from diverse backgrounds because there's nothing that might make them feel inclusive.

    We thought we'd won the lottery the first year we bought Christmas cards that said "Felice Navidad!" Now I have another source for people I hold dear. Thank you!