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  1. Gorgeous! When I grow up, I want to stay in a big white colonial house, with blue windows and a tiled roof, with beautiful, well loved furniture and a big family altar, with quaint bedrooms with multiple doors (and my grandchildren would laugh wondering why anyone wld want 3 diff entrances to a bedroom), and bougainvillae growingoutside, a wrap around verandah and lovely royal steps leading up to the house..thanks for reminding me one of my most cherished dreams, these images hit the spot!

  2. Gosh, where do you go, Bhavna? Some of this stuff is poetic! Now all I need to do is find my own sprawling colonial bungalow, and then each of your pics is a design idea.. 🙂 From my little pad in Bombay, it does seem like a cause worth living for!

    Beautiful, thank you.

  3. I love my home but if I could–I would trade it all for this! Love the open feel of it all, but the spaces for books stole my loyalty to my own home. Beautiful!

  4. wood and cane chairs have a special place in my heart…and there is something plush about the colonial style…super cool images 🙂