Room Pairs

If these rooms were people,
They could easily pass off as siblings

Pair 1
Pair 2
Pair 3
Pair 4

Pair 5
Pair 6
Pair 7

[Images from: Marie Claire, Pia Ulin and KmlDesign]

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Comments (13)

  1. Pair 1. I think i died and went to heaven. Seriously! SERIOUSLY!. Beautiful Beautiful space. You have just inspired me for our downstairs room that WILL be renovated (insh'allah)and made beautiful. THankyou.

  2. As usual some gorgeous pics there! I think you have some secret source you are not sharing 🙂 I mean, where on earth did you find these? The first pic in Pair 3 is my favorite! I could sink into that low sofa and be lost forever!

  3. Dont know how you manage to source all these gorg pics….have saved this post for furutre ref, will borrow ideas for my xmas decor for sure….lovely post Bhavna! wow!


  4. amazing! I never thought i would say this, being a grey and white and black girl, but the oranges and pinks and sunset reds are fantastic!

  5. Love the sibiling analogy! absolutely infatuated with some of the rooms………I really do need to redecorate! Now if only I could find a big bag of money…..