Anything for a good photographer

I am still laptop bereft, and am trying my best to keep up with blogging via my husband’s laptop. His laptop is not ‘me’ friendly…i.e. it has applications that can show me live stock prices from Wall Street and Dalal Street (India’s stock exchange), but can not do a pixel of good for an image!

But when I came across Tim Beddow’s stunning photography, I had to share it with you…even if it meant working on a non-creative laptop of an investment banker!

So without much ado, here are some of my favorite images from Tim‘s ‘exotic’ and ‘safari’ collection…

Isn’t the door gorgeous? Though I am not too fond of lizards and like, I guess I can live with them if hard carved in wood! The metal figurines are so like the bastar art form from India..
Reminds me of my days of poetry and hookah …
The days as in daydreams… 😉

I adore planter chairs! But I have a sneaking suspicion that the planter chair designers thought that planters could only be men, and hence they designed the chair such…

Like the colors of this photograph. The bedspread seems to be of batik print..

I can’t tell you how desirable this room is right now…all that sun and warm colors..

Eclectic! The painting, chairs, Surahi, and ofcourse the tree…different styles and eras, but seem so right all thrown in together

Umm..safari evenings!

And, my absolute favorite….

I will come back with a very different genre of Tim‘s interior photography in a couple of days…


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  1. AAL: No, I haven’t as yet…thanks for the tip, will look out for these books. I just bought a book called ‘The Natural Home’, and found some more of Tim Beddow’s work..will share it someday in a post 🙂

  2. You have a wonderful blog, Bhavna! I share your love for interiors, arts & crafts….. Nice pics!

  3. Wow, that last image on the dhow is incredible. What an amazing setting for a lantern-lit dinner. That’d be the perfect place to celebrate after completing a trip across Africa, from interior to coast. -X