Indian Kitsch!

Unadulterated, unapologetic and fun collage, attempting to capture the essence of India! Multiple contributors have added to this collage, using images, tassels, sepia photographs, textile, product labels from daily life, jewelry, icons, mirrors, lace and a lot more of Indian kitsch. To be found at the very creative site Art-e-zine


Once you get over the blast of color that hits you, take a deeper look and you will find a good sample of Indian kitsch



And, what pleased me quite a bit, is that the collage is called Indian Summer!



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  1. Yes, I found the collage very inspiring ‘All Over Print’. There are some day to day kitsch that I never thought could look so beautiful

    Hi Kavitha! Glad you liked the collage 🙂

  2. oh my goodness! this is probably the MOST beautiful collage that I have EVER seen! mmmmm its gorgeous! i may have to use it on one of my future posts… I’ll let you know when I do! Thank you for sharing! 🙂