Reporting alive and kicking…

Hi! You are watching AIS (An Indian Summer) News, and this is Bhavna, your news correspondent for the day! 🙂


Some highlights of my trip so far have been:
1. A great day spent with the team at my Cambridge office, followed by a fun evening of bowling and drinks
2. Walking up and down the Cambridge Side Galleria so many times that I can now write an inventory of merchandise at each and every store! The lady at Bath and Body Works just might consider hiring me as their official ‘moisturizer/eau de cologne sniffer’!


3. Finding my shopping soul mate in a dear colleague…walking more than a couple of miles to get to the local Target, and shopping so much that we had to take a cab to haul back our booty! Got some awesome tableware…right now its all packed and stuff – will share these finds with you once back in India..


4. Spending an excellent sunny day at Newbury street today
5. Finally got to visit Anthropologie, and spent some happy shopping time at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn


6. ‘Would you like to wash your hands?’ – The first thing we were asked by the lovely girl at ‘Sabon‘, an organic bath and body boutique store. Once the hands were washed and were super soft (dead sea salts do wonders!), proceeded to buy yet more bath and body products (at this rate, I would be the cleanest and the nicest smelling person, with the softest skin as a bonus, for some time to come!) 😉

7. Discovered a quaint European store that has recently opened shop this side of the world: Comptoir de Famille [see snaps below]



And, the biggest highlight of all:


I am finally uploading some snaps that I have taken! Old readers and friends know my paranoia of publicly sharing photographs taken by me…I am not necessarily what you call a ‘good photographer’! Oh well, here goes…below is some of my “art” work! (you can click on them to open a bigger version)

Coming week will be busy with the strategy workshop (and hopefully an Ikea and Harvard square thrown in towards the evening!)
Au revoir till the next time…


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  1. Thanks for dropping in messages my dearest friends! I had just the time to quickly peek into the blog and check comments…and I can’t tell how happy I felt to see your little notes left for me 🙂 XO!

  2. Oh my your images are just wonderful.

    I found you at Maryam’s blog. Busy today but will be back to look around more and read as well.

  3. Now you can get over your fever of sharing your photography ‘coz I can officially say – ‘it rocks!’

    Good stuff BB!! Can’t wait for more pretty ones.