Hello from Boston!

Thanks a bunch for your messages! (Hello Affinity, Jo, Terri, Jessica, Studio W!)


I just checked into the hotel after almost 23 hours between airports and flights (phew!). Now, I am ready to drop asleep right at this funky table in my room, after cheering Red Sox with fellow diners at Bambara (yes, that’s the name of the hotel restaurant!)


And, I am so happy with all the suggestions about shopping in Boston….just can’t wait for the weekend! 😀 (thank you Christine, Tanya, Annie, Tara (I would LOVE to bike in this city!)


And, how can I leave you without sharing with you a visual of what is on my mind…



So, after 3.5 meals in a plane, I am soo longing for home cooked food with all the spices, the flavor, and the fragrance and the aroma…I know they mean the same thing, but need a word and my brain is sleep deprived right now 😉 …. you, ofcourse know what I mean! I think a spice box such as above could have fitted in nicely with my luggage…

Well, adios till the next post! Do keep dropping in your lovely messages! XO

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  1. Thanks Melissa, Vini and Maddie! 🙂

    Haven’t been able to get to that bike as yet Christine.. 🙂

    Thanks Kamal!

    Hello Kate and Affinity! 🙂
    Well I have posted some snaps in my latest post…let me know what you think..

    GMPPPPPP Poppiz!

  2. Have a great time in the city…

    A fantastic evening that I spent at the Harvard square is one of the many things that comes to my mind when I think about Boston 🙂

    Have fun.

  3. that spice box is so pretty –
    very artistic – does it have
    a glass lid to enclose the

    Have a lovely time and
    hope you get to go biking in that
    pretty city:)