Getting ready for Diwali…

(Mysore Palace, India on Diwali)
This is the time for my favorite festival
The festival of light and wealth…Deepawali
also known as Diwali
As we get ready to celebrate the festival,
let me share with you some inspiration…




Light up your nooks and corners using lotus paper lights, diyas (votive) and tea lights


Welcome Goddess Lakshmi into your abode by making beautiful rangoli designs with color and flowers


And why leave the table layout untouched? Take out your best glassware, and your grandmom’s Kansa (bell metal) table setting! Add in some banana leaves, marigold flower and floating tea lights…And yes, don’t forget the feast…including the mithai (sweets)!


Touches that add to the diwali decor


And some inspiration for how a contemporary home could look like, in a traditional setting on Diwali. I love the shloka (mantra) table with floating flowers in an urn. Bring out your brightest cushions and bedlinen…and this Diwali you have the perfect excuse to flaunt any textile which has even a hint of gold or copper!


In another two days, I will share with you images of my home on Diwali eve 🙂


* Shubh Deepawali *


[Images from Indian design magazines – Inside Outside, Elle decor, Home Review, ID and Flickr]

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  1. I absolutely love your Diwali photos! What a wonderful festival. I look forward to your photos! Your site is always a fantastic source of inspiration!

  2. :-)…well, everyday is pretty much like everywhere else Joni…just a bit more color, a touch of ethnic and exotic, a feel for traditions..completes the Indian picture 🙂

    Yes we do have a holiday, Terri
    …Diwali is one of the major festivals in India 🙂

  3. B., I love this beautiful post and all the wonderful colours and images. Diwali sounds like a wonderful celebration – do you have a holiday that day?

  4. Dear Bhavna,
    This celebration looks beautiful. If you celebrate in your family, would you be kind enough to burn a candle for me? I would appreciate it very much!