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Goa. My acquaintance with this sea side heaven is relatively recent. I visited Goa for the first time a couple of years ago and fell in love with it’s lush rain drenched fields, the winding roads, quaint villages, beautiful houses and the gentle folks who live here. I remember one balmy afternoon on that trip, mellow after a few chilled drinks, I had sighed and wondered aloud, what it would be like to live here? That was then, and today, I am penning down this post, sitting on the terrace of my little studio, cooled by the Goan sea breeze, listening to the constant sound of waves in the background, and well, warding off all sort of insect life which is making itself comfortable on my brightly lit laptop screen! 
This move to Goa has been possible because of the help and support I got from friends and serendipitous connections. Tushar Rao, a resident of Goa, was one one such connection. And what an interesting friend he has turned out to be! A photographer, who has traveled the length and breadth of Goa, capturing vignettes from daily life and shooting many beautiful homes, boutique stores, hotels, Tushar’s work portfolio is a treasure trove for any Goa-phile! And as we chatted, I kept exclaiming since I realized that I have been familiar with his work from way back in time, when as a bright eyed young design enthusiast, I would pore over the one interior design magazine [Inside Outside] that used to be published in India. He is the one who had shot some of my favorite features from that time! It’s but obvious that I demanded that he hand over his portfolio to me, since such loveliness must be shared with my folks over at An Indian Summer!
Tushar started experimenting with the camera when very young, and after 8 years as an amateur photographer, he has been a professional since the last 20 years. His work has been published in various magazines like Elle, Inside Outside, Better Interiors, Society Interiors, India Today, Design Today and Verve. He has shot extensively for books on Goa and also had the opportunity to assist the well known French photographer, Robert Polidori
Here are some of my favorite picks from the homes Tushar has shot. Dive right in!
You can see more of Tushar’s work right here!
[All Images: Tushar Rao. Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. Thanks a lot for this post.Even I grew up drooling over INSIDE OUTSIDE.


  2. Amazing photos. Commendable job by the photographer as he successfully brought out life from the inanimate objects. The beauty of Goa is aptly captured in the photos

  3. Anita

    Fabulous! Such a treat to the eye! Thanks Tushar!

  4. Trevor Silveira

    Tushar has this innate ability to squeeze out of his eye, the quaint and languid Goa that it is. Commendable stuff!!!

  5. These picture say so much about rich heritage , and in this case the rich goan architecture and lifestyle .

  6. Such gorgeous photos!

  7. Gautam

    Awesome !!!!

  8. So much beauty and perfection, that I cant bear it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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