That Time Of The Year

When I start to wind down
Ruminate on the months that whizzed past
 Count the many trips. Remember the journeys.
 Marvel at where I have come
Sing and dance one day
Curl up the next
Spend the day discovering new music
Or reorganizing my book shelves and laptop folders
It’s mid December, my kittens
Time to clean up
Time to put your pretty feet up
Time to indulge
Time to take a break
Time to let go
Time to recharge
For the new year is just a couple of weeks away
Inviting, all shiny and smelling fresh & nice!
My favorite type of decor
Along with a ditty
With such depth, sigh
Just feel it resonating in your heart
[Not really. But was worth a shot]
But a round about way to tell you, my munchkins
I will be on and off the blog
For the rest of the month
For I am curling up
Listening to music
Enjoying the twinkling lights
Tasting the salt in the cool sea breeze
Raising a toast
To mark the passage of another whirlwind of a year
Follow me on Instagram and on An Indian Summer Likes
My other two favorite places to hang
 And I will see you soonish
Will pop in here before the year ends
To give you all my love
And more.
Oh and, grab/download a copy of the latest Elle Decor! My work space in Goa has been featured there. Will be sharing more images from the space on instagram soon 🙂
[Images: Here. Rest: An Indian Summer]

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  1. What a great looking vintage space!

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