Beautiful Chobhi and a giveaway

A picture speaks a thousand words. And now a picture also keeps you warm and fashionable! Meet Chobhi – the creative collaboration between two friends, who have come together to capture
the form and patterns found in nature, blending photography and fabric made
from organic and natural fibres, into absolutely gorgeous wearable art.

Chobhi, a bengali word that means ‘picture’, features their own photography onto scarves made from natural and
organic fabric.  Using the beautiful colors and
patterns found in nature as inspiration, Chobhi’s
woolen scarves are handwoven by artisans from the northern part of
Both Indo-Canadian founders, Ronjiny and Tanima, always dreamed of
doing something creative together. Ronjiny loves art from the
Renaissance period, Russian literature, traveling the world and anything to do
with design in India. Her MBA in Luxury & Fashion inspired her to team
up with best friend Tanima to share her love for nature and
photography.  Tanima had always wanted to express her creativity, and now she loves looking at her photos in a new
way – thinking of
them as rectangles of fabric, adorning a person’s neck!
If you love Chobhi’s ethereal scarves as much as I do, take a look at their collection – Prakriti (nature) right here. And, enter this giveaway to get a chance at winning, one of my favorites from the collection, the lovely Pakhi scarf! The ultra soft, handwoven wool and silk blend scarf, is adorned with eye catching silhouette of birds in trees, and will add to any outfit that you pair it with! The giveaway is open for everyone – Chobhi will ship the scarf anywhere in the world.
Here’s what you need to do to enter:
1. Think of the one thing in nature that inspires you the most and tell us about it on facebook right here by leaving a comment. (Make sure you are logged into facebook to do so) 
2. To double your chances just leave a comment on this post too
3. That’s it! Wait for result to be announced on March 8th 🙂
Do connect with Chobhi on facebook, twitter and pinterest!

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Comments (52)

  1. Countless collection of colours in nature..every time I look at nature and discover a new colour.

  2. I love nothing more than the "silence" of nature, which as you know, is not silent in the conventional sense. Nature's "silence" is a language that transcends all others.

  3. Winter sunshine in Calcutta. It always reminds me of the cold mornings when I would shiver my way down to Uni and then spend an hour or two on the steps sunning myself. That toasted feeling kept me going all day. Over the years it's come to epitomise comfort and creativity for me.

  4. Trees inspire me in all various forms. Naked trees in winter, flowering trees in spring, lush green in summer and the best of all the trees in their autumnal glory in fall

  5. It undoubtedly is "rain" for me. The dark clouds and thunder when experienced from the behinds of windows evoke the thrill of upcoming fun and curiosity of a child to peek- a- boo; the rain drops on me make me feel fresh and renewed , they make things around look born anew; the joy of opening an umbrella and the “tip tap” of drops on it makes me do water antics- twirling the umbrella around in fancy ways; puddles get the child within me out to play some and splash water around; slipping my memory back to the childhood days when making paper boats was a proud craft and seeing them sink in small oceans of joyful drops was a heartbreaking mooment ; the smell of water soaked earth connects me to my inner self and hot chai pakoras that are a treat on any rainy day make my taste buds happy!:)

    The completeness of each atom of existence and phenomena as subtle and beautiful as answers that silent prayers from an honest heart evoke mesmerize and make me fall in love with His creation!

  6. Nature generally inspires me in the way I think and live and being close to it works the most for me… Of all the elements, I love mountains the most… The sheer size of it, makes me feel comforting looming right over me… The terrain, the textures, the shadows, the life on it and in it… I feel they always call me, when I am away from it for long…

  7. The sea inspires me. With its vastness, it gives birth to thoughts in my head about all that is left to do, all that is unseen. When I am sad it gives me hope. when I am happy, it makes me thankful.

  8. The rising sun inspires me the most. It heralds the beginning of yet another day, springs hope in my heart and makes me feel positive and believe in a new beginning.

    The birth of a baby, the joy of creation, similarly symbolises the beauty of life and truly embodies the spirit of nature's ability to create and recreate.

    I first saw a bright yellow disc rising from the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry on a dark night. Never have I felt so much in awe of the beauty of a moon rise. Rising from darkness and spreading light on a dark still night.

    Truly, Nature inspires in every form and nothing can surpass it,

  9. Creation in all forms inspire me! Trees especially with their grace have me staring at them for hours!

  10. Sparrows – I grew up with the incessant chirp- chirp of these tiny birds, playing a constant background score (this, despite moving 5 cities). It helps that they are also insanely adorable little buggers. Even today, the chirp of a couple of sparrows, never fails to bring back some happy, forever kind of memories.

  11. these scarves are incredible beautiful! the hues of different objects in nature is what inspire me most… from the shades in moss to the vibrant hues of fruits & vegetables!

  12. The orange color of sky at sunrise and equally beautiful yet different shade of sky at sunset, birds chirping and water flowing in a distance, it's magical!

  13. the scarves are beautiful…the one thing tha inspires me is newly budding leaves…come spring, there is beauty popping out by the minute…gorgeous…

  14. These scarves are gorgeous. I am inspired by the first blooms of spring time, especially since I grew up in a very cold climate.

  15. The year round seasonal changes inspire me the most. It reminds me of the up and downs of life

  16. Why oh why do the birds fly
    Across the sunset into the night sky
    An old tree
    A life well lived
    The beauty captured on a scarf
    Here's to celebrating life

  17. Hey Bhavna,

    The thing that inspires me the most has always been the sea. i just love to go on a beach in the evenings, watch the sunset there and just be. It inspires me because of its vastness. The sea is vast just like life…It has no begining and no end… wherever you see, you see water.. the waves, the ripples remind me of the ups and downs of life. We dont cease to exist despite them just like the ocean which is as vast despite being perturbed.

  18. I am very inspired by trees, especially the big craggy old trees.. I often will stop and wonder.. what was the earth like when this tree was a seed breaking through the ground.. What has this tree seen? Every country I travel to I will seek out old trees and visualize what history this tree may have gone through. I wish trees could talk and tell us their stories…

  19. I was most inspired when I went to Koakata in the southern part of Bangladesh. I went out on a boat and took the most amazing pictures. The birds of course are my favorite. I will never forget the trees and the birds in Koakata Bangladesh.

  20. I'd say, I've had a tryst with nature on several occasions! There have been moments so explosive, they've changed my world and have inspired me to put together the threads of photography in my life.

    Here are some of them –

    1. "The First Peek" – My first view of the (simply majestic) Pacific Ocean along the US West Coast; I couldn't keep my eyes off of the vast stretch of water that seemed to just never end, anywhere.
    2. "The Sunset Question" – That moment when my brother asked me, one day, – "How many sunsets have you actually closely watched, sis?" — I didn't have an answer!
    (The amazing sunset at Meyers Beach, WI, absolutely got me thinking! The average person lives to 65, so that's only about 234,000 sunsets for each of us! Sad, I know!)
    3. "The Wild one" – That moment when I first set eyes on a throng of the most majestic group of animals, in the wild, in Kenya.

    Can't thank Mother Nature enough for, well, just about everything!!!!

  21. Spray of foam and white by strong waves striking on rocks
    Colors of sky as the seasons change
    Ripples in tall grass as they respond to the winds
    Farms full of sunflowers
    Raindrops converging with each other on glass windows
    Smell of fall and spring
    Unexpected rainbows in the sky
    Mountain tops hidden by clouds
    Foggy mornings ….are the things that inspire, and reassure me that life is only suppose to be beautiful!

  22. The gentle whispers of wind on the back of my neck as I sip my morning cup of chai tea sitting on the deck, the wonder of the first bloom amidst a bright sunny day in March, the earthy scent of a forest after a rain– all of these inspire me

  23. Sunrises, sunsets and full moons. Still waters and endless oceans. Clear, starry nights. ImPOSSible to narrow it down to "one thing"…

  24. The beautiful council of crows scarf is amazing. Nothing better than bare feet on the earth, grounding!

    Beverly Anger-Nelson

  25. Nature itself is so overwhelming that it becomes difficult to pick out something that influences and stimulates us. That said, I would like to mention as to how personally I am very much inspired by the flower Lotus. It holds an important position in the Indian Mythology but inspite of that I find it having an aura beyond just mythology. The flower speaks for itself and reflects a way of life where we should grow above all the murkyness in life that we are surrounded with just as the flower grows. To me it is a symbol of inner calm, unconditional beauty and life itself!

  26. For me, its the water. The way an ocean wave can roar towards the beach and hit the sand and yet sound so calm and soothing. Its the way the rain falls on the asphalt on a warm summers day, so that you can still stand outside and feel like rain rapidly cooling the once steaming pavement.

  27. What inspires me and fills me with awe is the ocean. But I really love birds too and love the birds scarf!! All the best and lots of success to Chobhi!!! Beautiful work and site!

  28. I remember saying this at a retreat from school exactly 10 years ago…for me it's a dew drop that clings on to the leaf for as long as it can, faltering sometimes in the breeze but its desire to hold on gives me immense strength when I find myself losing hope 🙂

  29. I am loving this 'pakhi' scarf of yours. Being a Bengali I know calling it 'Bird' scarf won't evoke the chirpy feel, the serenity that the word 'Pakhi' evokes silently. I have always been admirer of silhouettes, and this is a lovely silhouette of birds on tree, against mystic sky. It looks serene, it evokes loneliness, the feeling of watching a sunset and birds returning to the nests. Lovely! thumbs up!

  30. I know it sounds cooler to say mountains or the sea… but for me it's trees. Nothing is better than a big lush tree to inspire me. They make me feel calm and at peace. Maybe it comes from the time I used to climb them as a kid. I never felt more safe and on command of my life than seating on a branch a good 10 or 15 meters from the ground.