One fine day in March

At An Indian Summer‘s home

On a beautiful spring day last week, there was a photoshoot at my home, for an iconic women magazine. It was a fun day and I had a great time styling the home and discussing angles and frames with the excellent photographer. When the team left, I took advantage of the late afternoon sunlight filtering in and took some pictures, just for you 🙂
Southern light in the entry foyer
The mellow bedroom
A corner in the living room, with marble urlis and madhubani painting
By the bedside
My boy cat finally finds the time to sit and relax after a hectic day of knocking off flower heads, pawing little knick knacks off the shelves, streaking across rooms to creatively (dis)place rugs and other such sundry activities. He ensured that I do, and redo, and then again do up a room, till the time he got bored of the room and sauntered away!

Will let you know when the magazine hits the stand next month folks! Do pick it up for more pictures from our home and a story feature on how I went about doing it up.

[All images taken by me. Kindly credit and link back to this post if you use them anywhere]


  1. Your house is so pretty Bhavna. Love the shots too…

  2. Beautiful home Bhavna!! I am loving all the natural light, it always adds so much beauty n the yellow wall…I'm a big fan of yellow:) All so pretty!

  3. Anonymous

    Great blog, i loved Indian summer… great post, thanks from Design Hub

  4. Bhavna hi, The images you post are fascinating. I have a little blog in which I put up stories based on images. I am tempted to use one of the lovely pics you have here (I haven't quite made up my mind on which one exactly). I was wondering if you'd permit me to. I'd of course credit your blog / specific post as the source of the image. Of course, I'll write in again for permission to use the specific image. Thanks a lot for your lovely blog. It adds beauty to my world.
    Dream Pedlar

  5. So pretty!! Would love to see the magazine. Congrats!!

  6. That looks lovelyyyy and beyond ! The natural sunlight does so so much for the room just with its presence ! Boy cat appears to have found the comfiest spot in the house , always the master bed in my case !

  7. Lovely, amazing, fabulous Bhavana… I can't wait to get my hands on the issue!

  8. Lovely! how can us residing outside get our hands on a copy? assuming it's an indian magazine?


  9. JK

    Love your blog! Stumbled upon it while looking for some design inspiration for the home and now I consider myself lucky! Would love to pin some of the images but am unable to find a pin it button. Wondering if you are on pinterest although I did find pins from your blog on pinterest? Thanks!

  10. Looks warm and inviting ..Priya

  11. the sneak peek has left me asking for more!!

  12. wow…congrats and can't wait to see it.

  13. Looking forward to see the pictures of your home….:-).

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