Mr. Blog: Why haven’t I been updated since a week? Why why?
Me: Umm…because I went on a vacation?
Mr. Blog: Whaat? And why wasn’t I informed about it!?
Me: Umm…sorry?
Mr. Blog: mutter mutter splutter splutter..
Last week, we went on a trip to Mashobra, a lovely hamlet in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. I can gush about the majestic views, our cosy cottage, the salubrious weather, the sparkling conversations…or I can let these pictures speak for themselves…
We stayed at a lovely cottage called Inayat, managed by the warmest of hosts. 
Made a few furry friends too..

Views during our walks

Spring blossoms in Inayat’s private garden
Mr. Blog: And to think that you didn’t take me along!
Me: Umm…I tried, but well, there was the laptop and then there were the mountains.
Mr Blog: Oh well, alright! My dear readers…let’s indulge her today and I’ll get her back on track in a couple of days. You have a great rest of the day, folks!
[All pics: Me and my Nikon]


  1. Hi Bhavna, guess what, I'm at Inayat for a couple of days.. what a lovely place and such wonderful hosts. Guess we have similar tastes beyond beautiful things too!

    Puneet, Jaypore

  2. So glad you all liked the pics! 🙂

    This cottage is at Mashobra (approx 20-25kms away from Shimla). So book the cottage, you can write to Dhanu Swadi – dswasan (at)

  3. Superb pictures. The cottage looks like a must-visit!!

  4. *sigh* what lovely pictures… So gorgeous! Bet you had a lovely time!

  5. Inviting…refreshing…I can almost smell the pure air! 🙂 Very well captured!

  6. This place looks so perfect! Could you tell me where the cottage is, and how one might contact them?

  7. Wow…the most gorgeous images of flowers and nature. Thanks for sharing, Bhavna.

  8. GB

    That sounds wonderful, Bhavna! have a great rest of the weekend too!

  9. very refreshing and clear weather..thanks fr sharing as always. GBU!

  10. Lovely pictures – especially the landscape shots and the flowers…

    Have a great week ahead !!

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