Mr. Blog: Why haven’t I been updated since a week? Why why?
Me: Umm…because I went on a vacation?
Mr. Blog: Whaat? And why wasn’t I informed about it!?
Me: Umm…sorry?
Mr. Blog: mutter mutter splutter splutter..
Last week, we went on a trip to Mashobra, a lovely hamlet in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. I can gush about the majestic views, our cosy cottage, the salubrious weather, the sparkling conversations…or I can let these pictures speak for themselves…
We stayed at a lovely cottage called Inayat, managed by the warmest of hosts. 
Made a few furry friends too..

Views during our walks

Spring blossoms in Inayat’s private garden
Mr. Blog: And to think that you didn’t take me along!
Me: Umm…I tried, but well, there was the laptop and then there were the mountains.
Mr Blog: Oh well, alright! My dear readers…let’s indulge her today and I’ll get her back on track in a couple of days. You have a great rest of the day, folks!
[All pics: Me and my Nikon]

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  1. Hi Bhavna, guess what, I'm at Inayat for a couple of days.. what a lovely place and such wonderful hosts. Guess we have similar tastes beyond beautiful things too!

    Puneet, Jaypore

  2. So glad you all liked the pics! 🙂

    This cottage is at Mashobra (approx 20-25kms away from Shimla). So book the cottage, you can write to Dhanu Swadi – dswasan (at)