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  1. wow. i'm so happy to have stumbled onto your blog!

    i recently moved to india (delhi) from toronto. while here i'm working/volunteering at a non-profit and will be here for the next few months. i'm finally getting settled into my flat and as a lover of design want to infuse it with as much indian style as my teeny-tiny budget will allow…looking through your archive already have so many ideas!

  2. I have been following your blog now for some time. Not a single photo here that I don't loose my heart too 🙂

    What I really wonder is that with such a rich heritage like ours, why don't we see more home's like these around us everyday using Indian Fabric's ! and why when we have to buy these do we have to search high and low for good quality.

  3. I'll say! Totally delicious – those last two are very inviting. I always enjoy seeing the images you post, Indian style is definitely one of my favourites and I am totally in love with their textiles.

  4. I so love this style of home. It draws you in to stay forever. I grew up in an adobe home and these remind me of home. So, So beautiful.

  5. Hi! I Love Your photos also (like Karen, they do have a relaxing efect on me always…a dream like travelling! 🙂