It’s yesterday once more

When I was young
I’d browse through the magazines
Waitin’ for my favorite rooms
When they came, I’d dream along
It made me smile..
[My version of this: Carpenters

Some of these rooms are retro, and some are not. 
Nevertheless, they remind me of the time when as a young girl, I would impatiently wait for the summer holidays to begin. And then, over chilled glasses of aam panna, I would pore over the interior design magazines and books at home. Browsing through this blog, I felt, like it’s yesterday once more.. 

[All images via MoonToMoon]
Do come back tomorrow for a few more of my favorites..

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  1. Looking for inspiration for my new home after living in Iraq for almost three years. I certainly found the Indian/Moroccan vibe I was looking for. Thank You!

  2. Hi!

    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I'm hooked! Your room decors are so wonderful. I'm renovating my home at the moment and look for inspiration on your blog – but sometimes it's a bit difficult to incorporate it into a British environment – but I keep on trying! Mostly by buying my favourite pieces in India and bringing them back to the UK!

  3. That's what I do when I visit your blog :)… "wait" for my favourite rooms.. dream and smile. The only hitch.. all of your rooms are wonderful spaces and I cannot decide :)…
    Vani — keep the good stuff coming 🙂

  4. So many room styles to choose from…each one with a story to tell. All very cozy and inviting.
    Thank you for sharing.