This week’s trivia

It has been an exciting week for me. Not good exciting though. I crash landed in the hospital with a condition that apparently strikes in very young children and is rare in adults. And the complication that I had was even rarer (only one measly page of relevant google results). The good news is that the bad news is over. I am back home recuperating and thinking that it must have been my baby soft skin that mislead the ‘condition’ into gracing me with it’s presence. Ahem. [And Mr. Blog, you can stop that sniggering right this very moment!]

I had planned for a bunch of showcases and a special gallery for the facebook gang this week. Alas, it was not meant to be. Instead, like any self respecting individual with a shiny new camera, I shall shove show pics from my last vacation to you. Oh, and some from my home too.

  As you can see, I have a strong predilection for shiny light thingamajig, commonly referred to as chandeliers

Hmm…who do I love more? Paris or Cats? 
And a few from my home…

I’ll be back next week hopefully. All ya folks out there – have a healthy weekend. No falling sick with rare conditions, OK?

[All pics have been taken by me and are owned by me and Mr. Blog] 

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  1. madera y zinc: thank you!

    Poorva: getting down to my emails today! you'll hear back from me sweets! 🙂

    Nimpipi: :D…I get super puffed when folks like my photos..I strut like the new hot shot photographer on the block ;-)…so thanks! No photoshopping though…just good old Picassa (or is it Piccasa?).
    What condition – Ms. Curious Cat, will jump over to your blog to tell. That way when people search for THAT condition, they will land on your blog (har har)!

    Mauro: Thank you! Will visit you soon!

    Thank you Soraya! Am almost all better now 🙂

  2. Thanks Ann!

    Thanks Kanika!

    I know Abha! I also had to put up with smart ones from the husband about why such a condition was apt for me (mental age yada yada) :/

    I always shy away from a complete home tour thinking 'let me just put up those pics' or 'let me just get the new chair' for the room to look complete. But, I'll definitely be showing more of my home in the coming months…where else can practice the new camera! 😉

    Thanks Divs! How goes?

  3. Thanks Black Zebra!

    Thanks Priya! Oh, and I saw a chai cup print somewhere and it reminded me of you. Will find the link and send it to you!

    Thanks Anu!

    Feeling much better, thanks Ms. Designwali 🙂

  4. Photos, totally gorgeous and I need to learn photoshoppping + arranging on blogger tricks from you etc, but WHAT rare condition? Do tell.

  5. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better! (I too, have been the victim of such a condition, which similarly strikes only children. Every resident in the hospital was called to come and 'observe' me.)

    Anyway, the glimpses of your house are intriguingly beautiful. Any chance we get a full house tour?