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Hola chicas y niños!
A warm welcome to visitors from Apartment Therapy too!
[Thank you Catrin!]
Bringing for you a quick blast of ethnic inspiration today
From different corners of the world
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A boutique hotel, with Indian design influences, in SA

 A home in Lamu, designed by E. Claudio Modola

A B&B in Tanzania

The much celebrated home of Liza Bruce, in Morocco

Quirky and proudly over-the-top hotel/B&B in Srilanka, known as Helga’s Folly!
 Thank you folks for your get well messages…
…they worked!
I’ll be back later this week
with a whole new post
and the promised goodies for the facebook gang
Adiós amigos, till then!

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Comments (18)

  1. Oh, I'm so glad you're feeling better! You had me worried.

    I've been reading your blog for awhile now, even though I haven't posted. I love the colors, the style – I have one table (using it as a desk) that would fit in with this style completely, and am trying to tie everything together in my little apartment.

    You take care of yourself, even as you are getting better – was wishing I could send some homemade soup across from the other side of the globe (I'm in the USA, in the Boston, Massachusetts area). Guess it's the mom in me!

  2. Nothing has changed since I checked your blog last (and its been a while)…you still somehow magically find gorgeous rooms, gorgeous colors and oomph! Love it.

  3. I just love love love these interiors! All of them are stunning but the first one…totally doable….dreaming of Indian textiles…going to add more of them to my studio!

  4. Absolutely beautiful interiors and images! – I am obsessed with middle eastern interiors. We adore your blog x