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  1. Thank you! Nothing beats some window (virtual) shopping, right? 🙂

    Devika: You can buy them by going to their site – Plumo and Toast (links in the post). Just check though if they deliver to where you live

  2. Your blog is one of the most beautiful blog on interior decoration. I havent seen anything like this before. Everytime I go thru ur blog Im tempted to buy. I especially loved the bird pens here. If I want to purchase them how do I go about it? Great job!

  3. Inspiration!!!! Oh! so many ideas just jumping off the page! Love those bold Indian prints…Kutch embroidery, lush combined with spartan…eye candy for days right here:)

  4. Equally enamored with both Toast and Plumo. The carved utensils are so perfect for patio dining. They just have that vibe!