Umm…couple of tickets to Brazil please..

Mr. Wilbert Das, when not being the über creative director at Diesel, is into setting up beautiful villas in Brazil. So glad he picked up this ‘hobby’, else we wouldn’t have had Uxua Casa Home.
 “Above a remote stretch of Brazil’s Bahian coastline sits an enchanting fishing village called Trancoso. On the town’s historic green (the Quadrado) is a secret garden holding a luxurious hideaway; nine 1-3 bedroom houses built and decorated in collaboration with local artisans using traditional building methods, recycled materials, and exquisite attention to detail.”
Well, Thank you Mr. Das. Good job!
Now for those tickets and reservations..
But wait. Let me first practice pronouncing Uxua…it can’t sound the way its sounds coming out of my mouth..can it?
You try. While you take a look at this amazing place..

[All Images Uxua Casa Hotel]


Originally spotted on the fabulous House Martin


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  1. Hear you Indian Yarn! Edited to make the pics larger 🙂

    Thank you Lilactreecreations 🙂

    Thanks for link Rachael! Will surely drop by. 🙂

    Lovely to hear from you Heleno! Greetings from India 🙂

  2. * !!! *
    Sorry, but I was a bit speechless for some time.
    I love it! I love the whole rustic elegance look. Brazil, did you say? I'm coming too!

  3. YEAH, trancoso is a nice small village for summer vacation but we have lots of wonderful cities by the sea here in brazil…indeed the uxua hotel is an amazing place…greetings from brazil!

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  5. Oh my God! Ive just realized its been so long since I read this blog, but now Im back and you know what; I still love your blog! Amazing pictures!

  6. Bhavna,

    These pictures are breathtaking. I'm often amazed at how you stumble upon such great finds. I loved the colorful doors and the seating arrangement in the last picture.

  7. wow!! the interweaving of nature to the house is facinating, A life well lived when lived in harmony with nature and this is the way!!