Rijuta’s Art…

…for An Indian Summer!
Rijuta Rishi is a graphic designer, and an eternal doodler. I loved her work when she first shared some of her art with me sometime back. One thing led to another, and she very graciously created banner art for An Indian Summer (look look – new header!). This header heralds the soon-to-come autumn/fall season 🙂

Rijuta on her art:“I’m very drawn to ancient India, its mysticism and myths, so it’s probably why I get very inspired by the traditional arts. There’s room to ‘say’ something in many layers, and the symbolism is subtly embedded amidst their stories. Traditional forms feature in my doodles and art quite often, and mostly, I forget the world when I’m doing these.”

If you are interested to see more of Rijuta’s work, or contact her for assignments and design work, please email her.
Thanks Rijuta for the lovely header for An Indian Summer!


  1. Bhavna, totally loved the banner – somewhat like exotic mehendi patterns. Also noticed "a divine eye" amidst the design. To me it is symbolic of the power of Durga! Gorgeous work. Pls congratulate Rituja on my behalf. I would love to contact her for some work….


    See my blog here: http://blog.gorgeouskarma.com

  2. wow. beautiful art. would love to get a look at that sketch book…your header is great as well! congrats on the POTD mention!

  3. Over from David's POTD. Congrats for being a contender. your header is a beauty, the designs are so oriental, just my style.
    glad i came here.

  4. Beautiful!! Congrats on the Post of the Day Award!!

  5. Gosh, I adore those drawings!! So detailed. So intricate. So henna tattooey. That's meant as a compliment, because I don't think there's anything prettier than a good henna tattoo.

    Your header is perfect! Great collaboration.

    Congratulations on your POTD mention at authorblog.

  6. its beautiful beautiful beautiful
    kitne din baad main yahan aaya
    u made my morning today

  7. The artistic patterns look especially amazing in bright yellow with black background.


  8. It is glorious xox~!

  9. Olá! Conheci seu cantinho e é tudo de bom! Lindo e criativo!
    Amei mesmo!!!
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!
    Se puder, dê uma espiadinha no meu:
    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    Itabira – Brasil

  10. Beautiful work! Absolutely love the header!

  11. Beautiful "doodling"! You are fortunate to have such a great resource!

    David @ Ashfield Hansen

  12. Love the new header and your blog!

  13. Very cool header:-)

  14. she does fantastic work – very intricate and feminine. Love your new topbar graphics – gorgeous and so appropriate and representative of your blog theme.

  15. I have just really enjoyed reading your Blog and will be coming back. Your doodle header is wonderful!

  16. Hey Bhavna,

    Check out my post: http://purplehomes.blogspot.com/2009/09/five-of-my-favorite-things-to-do-on.html

    I would R-E-A-L-L-Y love it if you take this up. If and when you do, please drop me a comment so that I can mention it on my blog as well. Thanks and waiting to hear from you!

  17. Wow!! Awesome header, she has done such a great job. Reminds me of pretty henna patterns

  18. What fantastic patterns! I love them all!

  19. This is gorgeous! i love it!

  20. I just found you via someone's blog, and love it 😉

  21. Bhavna,thats a great job she's done for your blog header … would love to sit down and learn more about her art some day … that was a lovely late night post … 🙂

  22. Your header looks like it is part of an exotic mehndi/henna design. Lovely!

  23. D

    Lovely header and great work! Those patterns remind me traditional Indian henna art.

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