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While browsing via my latest adda (hindi for: a place where you hangout), I came across rooms, all scanned from magazines, that had Retro and/or India written all over them. You would know what my next thought was – I have to share these gems with you! (sorry, the images are a bit grainy…)The swing (jhoola) – common feature in traditional Indian homes. This room seems to be from a haveli

The crowded corner and center table 🙂

Low stools (moodha) – you can find these selling along the highways, especially in the north and central India

Beautiful latticed wooden screen. Below the low sitting arrangement is footwear: kolhapuri chappals and mojris

Love these wooden shutters!

Different forms of low diwan style sitting in the following pics:

The charpoy!

Bright rugs, on the floor or on the wall..Cosy sitting nook in the form of a niche (aala)

The canopy is a stylised form of very typical design used in the tents for weddings..

Gorgeous bedrooms..

[Source: the nomadic sun]

And how can I leave the retro without a song? This epitomises the 80’s for me 😉

P.S: thanks for your emails in response to my last post. Blogger is still excruciatingly slow for me, but atleast the images are getting uploaded. And I will take your suggestion about dropping in a mail to blogger – hopefully that should help.

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  1. This is too good ..must say …. would you also do the desigining stuff … m just planning for my roon in bangalore … can u hep ..??

  2. Oh too much! Sensory overload! Makes me feel bad for not doing up my house nicely 🙂 But seriously, great hanging out corners (my fav is the crowded corner with the low table) and beautiful pics.

  3. I have to admit, if you were to ask me about Indian themes, these would probably not be the first examples I come up with. Even so, the interiors look absolutely stunning. I would love to live in these Indian designs.

  4. Riveting! Love the warm rich colors and interesting textures.

    It's been so long since the last time I visited. I had been a lazy bloggy' lady but am' so glad to peek in here and be welcomed by your joyous inspirations!

  5. First time here through usual blog hopping, and I am wonderstuck your taste for decoration and those lovely pictures! I am going to be around this blog for a long long time to come 🙂

  6. Oh my! What an amazing set of photos- very inspiring!!! Love looking through them , just wish I was able to step into some of them!! I spent a year living in Nepal and some of these rooms bring me back to point in my life. Have only today come across your blog, think I will be visiting again!

  7. Love these images. India has a special place in my imagination and, as a quiltmaker, is a constant source of inspiration. Thank You, Ann.

  8. That second pic is sooooo me, I love clutter and way too much artwork going on! It works, the proof is in the pic! The pristine white bedroom is to die for – but I have to wonder how many people need to be employed to keep it so spotless! =)

  9. Those wooden shutters are gorgeous! I love that play of light. I've been planning on something similar for my apartment but had no idea how it would look when done. This is a good reference point. Thanks!