Contemporary Terracotta

Kumbham, the brain child of Jinan, an NID alumni, has taken terracotta to a new level. And, in the process, also brought about a positive change in the life of potters and artisans from Aruvacode, a tiny hamlet in the state of Kerala. A gradually vanishing community was revived and Kumbham Pottery was born.

Kumbham has an amazing range of sustainable products. Some of the wall murals and tiles are showcased here:


Available at these places in India…

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  1. Glad you liked these Marlene! Well, some ways that you can use these tiles:
    – Wall murals
    – As table tops
    – Garden corner
    – Pave a section of a pathway with these (chose area that has minimum traffic – eg: edge of a path)
    – Combine with other material and use as wall art (eg. imagine a complementary fabric and a small tile in the centre…framed in glass)
    – Table coasters

    Just some ideas 🙂

  2. WOW!! truly amazing…can give some suggestions on how to decorate homes in a contemporary style…and where to include these beautiful tiles? Something im looking forward to…

  3. Hola Gillian! I so like the fabric tile myself….amd making some at home with the left over block print fabric I have 🙂

    Good to hear from you Lady Luxie! 🙂

    Hi Kate! True…its a find for me too…I hadn’t seen such beautifuly done terracotta

  4. OH~! Firstly, I adore the Indigo fabric wall tile in your sidebar…so lovely.

    The top one, as far as the tiles go. I fell in love.!

  5. thank you indian summer in unearthing the treasures of india which indians really do not care about or hold them saying that it is “old fashioned” and belong to the sons of the earth.

    Sorry to hear that these guys are vanishing ! thanks to the dubai and the american money that has been flowing to kerala that clay cooking vessels (healthy to cook in and the food is pretty flavorful and sustainable to the earth and preventing landfill ) is replaced by steel, alumnimum and all those colorful petroleum storage products – plastic i mean have filterated the soil of kerala. i have spent many a vacations in the place and it has only been deteriorating. they display their american dollars and dubai dinar that thousands of us long to go for a vacation to be under the swaying palm trees which keeps us singing in the rain!!

    Liz (the cynical one)