1790 miles, 6 months, and a birthday

The weary but exhilarated road warriors are back, after covering approx 1790 miles across ancient cities, hidden villages, historic forts, luxurious palaces and forests of Rajasthan. And yet, there is so much more to this enchanting desert state that even as we drove back home, we started planning for our next itinerary into the depths of Rajasthan..

There is nothing more I like than planning for the next road trip 🙂

We stayed at some unique places….some images below:

Destination: Ranthambore (Sawai Madhopur)
And we stayed at: Khem Villas
Our cottage


The view from the bedroom

Abundant mums and marigold in the cottage veranda

Beautiful furnishing from Anokhi (who are co-partners at Khem Villas)


Uniquely carved leg of an outdoor cot, and a niche adjoining the outdoor bath

Paper lamps and lanterns lighted the villas

And as you can imagine, we loved the view!

Destination 2: Narlai (between Udaipur and Jodhpur)We stayed at: Rawla Narlai The 17th century fortress (a former hunting lodge) is right next to a gigantic granite rock

Our blue toned room

Each room had a sit out…this one came with its own antique swing


By evening, the fortress had a magical feel with light shining through multicolored window panes

Brass urn for water from the Ganges and Lord Ganesha

One of the ‘jaali’ in our room, and a cute photograph of some royal prince and princess as kids!

Even the staff at the fort had a royal appearance!
It was easy to believe, specially at night, that we have travelled back in time…

Christmas celebrations with a difference! Traditional rajasthani folk singers entertained us with beautifully haunting melodies on Christmas eve


Final Stop: Jaipur
We stayed at: Barwara Kothi
A ‘kothi’ (bungalow) owned by one of the princely families, now converted into a modern yet very royal home stay

Sigh, it was some trip! To be able to put up our feet and look at this view again…
Well, back to regular world and home now…and I must confess (and hope that my significant other isn’t listening)…that at the end of the day, there is no place like home! And the other things that happened while I was away:Dec 26th: 6 whole months since I started An Indian Summer! Dec 27th: Moi b’day! 🙂

Adieu for now as I work on my post for new year’s eve…

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  1. A Person can merely enjoy two occasions relating to him/her personally.
    One, is Birthday – a day in a year.
    Another, is Marriage Day – A Day in a Lifetime.
    Both are most precious ones, which stay memorable for a long time.

    I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to you and all Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.

  2. the link for barwara kothi misses one w in the www 🙂
    and hey, belated happy birthday
    u share one of my good friend’s birthday.

  3. oh this post makes me so happy to see! i traveled to Neemrana (a similar palace/fort/hotel) last spring and it was one of the most incredible places that i have ever been… and even more amazing was the village below! oh how i wish i could go back! where abouts do your live/reside in wonderful India, and what do you do for a living?

  4. belated happy birthday 🙂
    wishing you the best that life has to offer, be beautiful!

    – adi (delhidreams)

  5. Happy birthday! What absolutely stunning photographs. That is exactly my favorite type of style and I would be in heaven vacationing in such beautiful surroundings with my better half. You captured some lovely vignettes! The feet say it all, though! 🙂

  6. What absolutely gorgeous images! Looks like a wonderful trip. A belated Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, filled with joy, opportunity and more travel!

  7. YOU LUCKY GIRL!!!!!!! Just look at those places! Fantastic pics! I must think of fitting one such Gorgeous place when I myself take off! Thanx for the fabulous images & ideas. AND CONGRATULATIONS!!! Super impressive- 6 months & 101 posts! And last but not the least- Here’s wishing you another year of unforgettable, gorgeous & scrumptuous life! Have funy baby!

  8. Wonderful photographs…this was my childhood home and you have reminded me of why I had such happiness in India- your pictures take me home again …thank you for sharing.

    Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, and Happy Travelling…I will be back!

  9. I must go get my India guidbook to find out where you have been. I am planning to come to India in 2008, late autumn, to Mysore, and am reading alot about the country for the moment.

    Great photos.

    Yes, my favorite pasttime is planning another “roadtrip” 🙂

  10. Hi…belated happy birthday!

    Looks like an awesomely enjoyable trip …will ask you for details sometime soon 🙂


  11. Oh, wow, what a wonderful trip! I do know what you mean though, there truly is no place like home!

    Happy 100+ posts, looking forward to an inspiring year ahead! Thanks so much for being a part of the blogging scene, I learn so much!