101st post and other good things…

Yes, this is my 101st post! It has been the most wonderful journey through the last 100 posts, and, I am already looking forward to my 200th post…in the very near future 🙂

Talking of journeys, a short journey/trip is getting me all excited! Wanderlust has hit again, and Mr. Shaking Head (i.e. The bestest hubby) and I are hitting the road to Rajasthan tomorrow 🙂

The national highway. Images of the road…during summer and during the monsoon 🙂


We will be staying at an eco boutique resort in a wildlife sanctuary, and then, at a fort converted into a boutique hotel

What I will bring back to you end of next week is a lot of images and experiences from the magical desert land of Rajasthan. Also, will bring back a lot of colors and traditions in the form of local art and craft for my home, and….for your home! :-)…Yes, I am going to get for you original craft straight from the craftsmen. These, along with other fab stuff, will be available through An Indian Summer’s Bazaar!

Do I hear you asking: ‘So, what’s up with the bazaar?’ Well, here is an quick update: I have been working on and off through last some months to get the bazaar up and running. I never realized that setting up an online shop is going to be such a major pain in all the wrong places! There are so many formalities, red tape, logistics to be figured out..that I almost gave up! But then, my knight in shining armour (aka’ The bestest hubby) stepped in to help me figure this stuff out. So now, while I focus on sourcing the most exquisite goodies for the bazaar, he is helping get the bazaar operational.

I am targeting Jan 15th as the day when we ‘go live’ [all fingers and toes crossed. Wish me luck (pls)!]

I will catch up with you after a few days now…
Here’s wishing you


A Very Merry Christmas!!



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  1. Glad you dropped by Lilla! 🙂 Do visit me again!

    Helena, the photos are absolutely gorgeous!I love the pretty frames you have for each image…thanks for sharing the link! 🙂

  2. Thanks a bunch Vini! I can’t gush enough about the support and encouragement I have got from fellow bloggers, readers and friends like you 🙂 Hugz!

    Thanks Patricia! 🙂

  3. Bhavna FANTASTIC news!! So many in one post! YOur trip & most importantly your store! Im so proud of you- god knows setting up something like this comes with its own set of hassles- my boss is in the middle of somehting similar himself- meaning setting up a company site & the legal stuff is QUITE mind boggling! And Im really looking forward to seeing your pics & stuff on ‘An Indian Summers Bazaar’ As soon as its up & running I’m going to be the 1st to write about it- I know Archana already has, but once it has started I will too 🙂