An ode to color

As we feel the nip in the air (and in some parts of the world, the nip must be quite nippy by now!), we are drawn towards warm colors. Possibly that’s one of the reasons why I was so enchanted by Nikhilesh Haval’s photography!

Nikhilesh, an Indian based in the UK, specializes in travel, architectural, interiors and events photography. His work has appeared in many well known magazines, and his client list includes many Moroccan clients, as is evident by his rich portfolio.

Such a good way to make a striking red wall even more dramatic


Wall art that accentuates the room colors

Copper Samovar and painted trunk. Mud/plaster fireplace and lovely floor tiles

Who could possibly resist a Greece inspired textured white wall?

Warm tones of orange and yellow


Isn’t the chair quaint and modern at the same time?!! Beautiful shade of blue in the tiles

Hint of color against white



Imagine having a cup of subtly flavored chai, while sitting on this diwan (day bed) admiring the gorgeous carpet

Hmm..Art deco?

The stark beauty of black and white

[All images from Nikhilesh]

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  1. From where do you pick out these gems bhavna, hats off! I love Nikhilesh’s work. And the amazing interiors he has photographed. And why i find this post so interesting is because I have for a long time been obsessed with decor fusion- Indo western, asian western etc. These are all beautiful examples. Thanx for sharing :)!

  2. Hello Song! (I love your name!)

    The teapot thingie is called a ‘Surahi’ in Hindi, and I think ‘Aftaba’ in Urdu/Persian. It’s actually used to pour wine or water 🙂

  3. The larger teapot sort of thing (do you have any idea what it’s called?) in the first photo, I have one nearly identical, albeit missing the handle, that i found in an op shop and polished up. They are such lovely pieces. My son calls mine the ‘Genie Lamp’ and rubs it on a regular basis. I always enjoy the pictures here – so inspiring – and these are great.

  4. Ha ha…I think a perfect reason to get a new wadrobe Lady Luxie!

    Me loving them too Arch! 🙂

    Thanks for the info Amber…I can now look intelligent if some one refers to a ‘Kiva’ :-)..
    Yes, at my home, I too prefer neutral walls with bright colorful accessories and decor.

  5. Great photos as always ! I love color and must have it around me. However, I tend to gravitate toward subtle color on my walls punctuated by more intense color in my art and accessories. My favorite photo in your entry is the beehive fireplace (we call them “kivas” here in the American Southwest) juxtaposed with the gorgeous tile flooring. I love it with the blue wall and orange chair! I could sit there with a book for ages! I have a kiva fireplace in my back garden and it’s one of my favorite features of my home. Mine is very neutral in color, however.

  6. enchanting….enchanting….

    I’m thinking…if I had colors..all those gorgeous colors in my home…as well as everything so simply exotic…I would have to be equally garbed in such pristine pageantry…wow..I can just see me…All these styles inspire me to consider the way I dress as well…

  7. You find the BEST images. I’m not kidding. Your blog is just simply gorgeous.

    Thanks, too, for the kind comment on my blog today. It’s so nice to know there are others out there sending encouragement! I really appreciate it!