Farah Mahbub

Farah Mahbub, an immensely talented photographer and a faculty member at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, is from Pakistan. Her site is a delight – both visually and from a content perspective for people who are keen on photography.

Presenting here some of her photographic gems, focused on heritage architecture from India and Turkey:


Clock wise from top left: Detail from Delhi Red fort; Hauz Khas, Delhi; Red fort again


Ali Darwaza, Delhi; next two from Jami Masjid, Ahmedabad; Siddi Saiyad Mosque, Ahmedabad


From Turkey: Ysel Cami-Bursa; NurosmaniyeMosque; Suley maniyeMosque; Dolmabahce Palace

Cappadocia, Turkey; By the road side in Turkey; Lodhi Garden in Delhi; Busra, Turkey
[All images and information from Farah Mahbub]

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  1. Salaam Bhavna from across the border thank you for visiting my site and posting such wonderful comments. I really like your blog and the idea behind it.

    Farah Mahbub

  2. Hi bhavna
    what was it that Gandhi answered when asked what he thought about western civilization…it would be nice! your posts never cease to take my breath away!

  3. Hi Olivia! 30 years…India has changed so much since then … but yes, the heritage architecture is still intact!
    Thank you so much for visiting me…do drop by again! 🙂

  4. Hey Bhavna dahling…love the one with the blue door.
    Turkey is on my must see list. Istanbul could be on my horizon for next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
    Delicious post, as usual.

  5. She sure is, Constance…i was spell bound by the depth of some of her architectural photographs..

    Do check out the mountain images on her site…she has a couple more there..

  6. Yesterday I ate in a more than delicious French restaurant in Montreal called La Porte (The Door). The name of the restaurant is in reference to a fabulous old door they purchased in Morocco. It has the same presence that the beautiful views you offered us. The architecture is splendid.

  7. The picture on my post was a painting by Robert Genn, who is Canadian, I think…thanks for reminding me, as I forgot to put the reference!

    What a gorgeous post…lovely photos and architecture. I need to catch up on more of your posts!!

    Thanks for stopping by! Terri xo