I wanna fall from the stars…

Straight into your arms..


All I want is a room somewhere….
umm…maybe not!
If you notice the ‘I want to be here’ image on the left
You would know what is catching my fancy this week


Just give me a bed and a piece of sky
and some million stars to gaze at..


That’s what I want…


Sunrise on my pillow?

And this is from where the above view has been viewed!

Sometimes, I get cheetahs for company as I count sheep
(and I think: do the cheetahs have vested interest in counting sheep with me?)

Never far away from the gentle lap of ocean to nudge me into slumber..

With cheetahs, you might get mosquitoes too! Not a problem… dreamy mosquito nets solve all my outdoor sleeping problems!

Ah! I spy a hut behind just in case it rains!

3/4th of a cave…works for this cave woman!

Nothing at all between that absolutely personal and peaceful conversations I sometimes need to have with the über architect who resides amongst the stars…
I, I feel you
Hope you comprehend
[Stars by Simply Red]



[Images in order from top: 1st two are from Loisaba, Kenya; Wolwedans, Nambia; Voyages lizard island, Australia; Wolwedans again; Tarkuni, South Africa; Kagga Kamma, South Africa; Wolwedans]

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Comments (20)

  1. I Love you for posting the most gorgeous pictures, for giving images to our dreams! so that makes you – a DREAM WEAVER!
    thanx so much!

  2. Oh I love it!
    reminded me my childhood, when my cousins and I visited our grandma. In her backyard there was a wooden low bed under a vineyard. During the day we use to have a lunch or just tea time and at night it convert into a bed with a mosquito net and it seemed to us that we are the real princesses:)
    Thank you for beautiful and inspiration blog!:)

  3. Love what you said Belinda…that is so true…I guess I also like the ‘freedom’ part of the entire thing..

    Thank you Favfoe!

    Hello Bronwyn! Isn’t it one of the most simple yet awesomest experience? 🙂

  4. Sleeping under the stars is such an exprience Joni! Especially if its in the country side or places like these images 🙂

    I am glad you added the blanket Gillian…:-)…good to hear from you! 🙂

  5. Glad you liked the post Melissa! 🙂
    Cheetah and sheep – sometimes blogging late at night does that to me – my ‘randomness’quotient goes up a couple of ounces..

  6. You are so right Amber…deserts and grasslands especially! Glad you liked the images!

    Thanks Manika! Well, yes…this cave woman is quite likley to deman non cave like luxuries 😉

  7. Bhavna- I love this post! I sleep outside a lot!! I just fall asleep working on my computer. Not too comfortable, but I love being outside! love, love love this beautiful post.


  8. So dreamy, Bhavna! These might be your best pictures on this blog, so far! (p.s. knowing you – the “cave woman” comment really made me smile!)

  9. Some of the photos (Australia, Africa) could be taken here in the Sonoran Desert (Arizona, USA). There is something magical about sleeping under the stars, isn’t there? Beautiful images!