Al’ Fresco

al·fres·co (ăl-frĕs’kō)
In the fresh air; outdoors

As much as I am passionate about interiors, I love outdoors with the same fervour. People who know me also know that as soon as I enter a room, I gravitate towards the window, and am the first one to open up the curtains or the blinds.

Covering some al’ fresco options in this post. Focus – boutique resorts/hotels in India, which have made dining in the open in vogue again.

(Neemrana fort palace, Kesroli fort, Glasshouse on the Ganges & Hotel D Le’Orient)



From Malabar House (Kerala)From Shaheen Bagh (Dehradun, Uttranchal)From Wildflower Hall (Shimla, Himachal)And, the inspiration for this post – image from Mads Mogensen (will cover his work in detail later)

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  1. I agree, I think the outside is just as important as the inside and these images are proof that you can create design magic in mother nature. just breath taking. i wish i had an outdoor space like that!

  2. Hi Bhavna… great to stumble upon ur blog.. I love arts, crafts and design too and especially Indian ideas incorporated in modern day lifestyles..ur blog gave me wonderful ideas..thanks