In the Pink of things…

I had no intention of talking Pink today. I had a well thought-of idea, covering some interesting design trends, with some nice imagery… and then I came across this:
Photography by Sebastin
As I kept staring at the bowl of bougainvillea petals on the dark wood table, and tried not to stare too much at the pink wall, I reminded myself to breathe again. My well thought-of idea vanished in a haze (no prizes for guessing the color of the haze!). I had no choice left but to cover Pink today!
A dash of pink to begin with. (The window style is very typically Indian and is known as ‘Jharoka’)
And incase the pink flowers were not very visible, here’s a close up. Nice use of shot glasses!
Pink is always on my mind…on my wall, on my couch, on my cushion!
Pink pouf anyone?

Homes and GardensCan this be called a mere couch?
Designers GuildCan I ever get enough of Pink and its cousin Fuschia? House to Home

And here we breathe again…

Subtlety also does the job well! Living Etc.

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  1. Its so bizarre! I came to this post via some other and I noticed you have shot glasses with pink in it… Well. I've been using mine ( the only ones I have are these 2 NY shot glasses i picked ages ago) and guess which flowers I have been picking these days .. 😛

  2. Love this one. Suddenly made me realise that dark wood does not match with just beige and the likes of ‘milk powder’ white. Pink can look equally good. I think, Samya’s room shall be pink after all 😉