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Limehouse Cottage

I am the happiest when I am in the mountains. I am not the lets-get-to-the-peak or climb-that-rock-face kind of a mountain person; I am the give-me-my-warm-cosy-cottage and the view of mountains outside kind of person. Today I needed that good ol’ soul comfort that only a mountain cottage can give, and I found it in this lovely little cottage in Ireland. Presenting to you, the Limehouse cottage, with views to sigh at and interiors to live happily in, and never leave.

Sigh. I am not leaving. Well not leaving stalking Unique Homestays for another hour or so, for there are more mountain cottages to lust over 🙂

[Images: Unique Homestays]

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  1. The pictures tell it all. I’m ready to move in. That cottage is perfect inside and out. I’m a big glass kind of person so this has all kinds of appeal to me. I’ve built 2 houses with one entire wall of glass. I can’t get enough of it. It has the quality of, “Am inside, or out?” Wonderful blog, please keep it up. Ann