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That serendipitous moment when you chance upon a beautiful image, and it prompts you to look further and you find a treasure trove of stunning interior & decor visuals! I saw the above image on Instagram and fell in love with the elegant, vintage vibe it exuded. I discovered the gorgeous page of Bisque Traders, where Katherine Brauer shares pictures of her store, her home and other people’s spaces featuring products from her store. I love the vintage, bohemian french chic sort of aesthetic in Katherine’s styling and picked up my favorite eye candy from Bisque for you..

Yes, THIS much eye candy!

{All Images: Bisque Traders}

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  1. Combining vintage and elegant can be quite the challenge. But these pictures prove that it is possible! I just got a lot of inspiration for my next project.

  2. I wish I was able to design a room like this. Such a nice setup and love the plants in the room. The colors are such relaxed yet vintage vibe. Love these rooms for house decoration inspo!

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  4. Yeah! I recently started following bisque and it is absolutely astounding. The way you display your products is what matters than how well is your product question is secondary. I love the pictures Bhavna. And love reading your blog 🙂