For The Love Of Handloom

The feel of handwoven fabric. The texture. The weft and the warp. The intricacy of design. The symmetry and also the idiosyncrasies of made-by-hand. The centuries old craft traditions that are reverently passed on from one generation of artisans to the next. The story behind each gorgeous yard of a sari.  The wonder at the skill, the passion & the sheer hard work that goes in to create something so beautiful. 
Oh, the love for hand woven Indian textiles – you and I, we know what that feels like!
And because we love our textiles so much, we need to do what we can to save them. 
The What
You might or might not have yet heard about the powerful emerging lobby in India that wants to repeal the Handloom Reservation Act, that has been in place since 1985 to protect traditional handloom weaves and the interests of marginalized weavers. This influential lobby is in favor of bringing in power looms which will flood the market with cheap, low quality, machine made replicas of textiles (especially saris) and take away the livelihood of thousands of weavers and their families. And of course, if this does happen, the loss of invaluable textile traditions, skill and knowledge will be inevitable and irreversible.

What You Can Do
We need to lobby against the repeal of The Handloom Act. Dastkar has started an online petition and we need to sign it and share it with as many like minded people as we can. For now, this is what we must do and support the weavers. 
Please do pause, and sign the petition right now. It takes less than 10 seconds. And you are very welcome to take more time and also share your views and opinions on the petition if you like.
For more information, you can take a look at The Handloom Act and read this, and this, very well written articles.

You and I
We will help preserve & protect what we love

A request to all An Indian Summer readers
From India and everywhere else
Anyone who has been inspired by the beauty of handwoven textiles 
Do Sign the petition
And share this post far and wide

I will see you again in a couple of days. Be good, my munchkins!

[Image credits mentioned on images. Creative storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. Sakina Ansari

    My vision for the handloom industry is to mainstream handlooms by introducing weaving into the curriculum of schools and colleges and to make every weaver an entrepreneur.

  2. suraj ahluwalia

    We must preserve our textile heritage and hand made skills of our weavers and artisans.will share petition with my friends to sign.thank you

  3. Love these colours and the inspirations on your blog!

  4. A good start, lets come together to save our textile traditions. India will loose its soul if it looses its textile traditions.

  5. A good start, lets hope to come together to save our textile traditions. India will loose its soul if it looses it textile traditions. We need to save it.

  6. Kandan

    Done. Thanks giving an immaculate touch, which is why it was brought to my attention.

  7. Very happy to sign and support such superb craftsmanship(love, love handwoven fabric made with love & care:)!

  8. I just did. Thanks

  9. Beautiful post. I love how you have brought it all together. The content/imagery and the very necessary and pertinent information….
    Signed and shared.

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