Sian, and Abode

This enchanting new boutique hotel has been riding the decor news waves these day, along with the designer who designed and the styled the hotel. Presenting to you today, Abode in Bombay, and Sian Pascale, the bright young lady responsible for Abode’s look and feel.
Adobe is Bombay’s first boutique hotel. Sian has done a brilliant job restoring the building which was built in 1910 by an opium trader. Along with salvaging what could be salvaged, Sian worked with local workmen to bring in distinctive touches like the beautiful hand made cement tiles, vintage chandeliers, painting of local deity painted by truck artists and more contemporary prints and textiles to skillfully layer the different eras of the city within the hotel. Read more about the interesting design process right here.
Abode is now open for business and is going to be my preferred place to stay whenever I am in Bombay next!
This post would be incomplete without sharing some of Sian’s other creative work portfolio. From designing and producing ceramic pendants, ‘bhel puri’ stand tables for Abode, Sian has designed furniture, ceramics, worked on various interior and architecture projects, along with art direction. She runs the multidisciplinary design studio called Young Citizens, and operates from Melbourne and Bombay.
And while we are talking about Bombay,
A question for the folks in Bombay: Has the monsoon arrived yet? 🙂
[Images: Sian Pascale. Pics by Prarthna Singh, Anushree Gavas, Roberto Michel. Creative visuals and storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. Such a lovely place!


  2. Wht can be better thn this so rustic and so real

  3. I love the little reading corner.

  4. Very Nice!!! Full of Indian touch. You did a fantastic job and very impressed by seeing Bhelpuri stand table in your creative designs.
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer

  5. All of these houses are so pretty. I’d be happy with any one of them.
    And I love your house too!

  6. Hi there, thanks for such a lovely blog post on my work (and for all the kind comments.) Feel free to contact me- I didn't know that you were doing this post! 🙂

  7. Love this! I'm going to make sure I visit this hotel when I'm in Mumbai next!
    Thank you for covering it 🙂

  8. I must commend you for doing an excellent job of curating some of the very best of Indian design. I have followed your blog post for a long time and it always inspires me with the simplicity and the ascetic of the places and objects you choose. The photography really sells it too. Thank you!

  9. Gorgeous. I am tempted to go spend a night or two though I live in Mumbai. 🙂

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