A Week Drenched In

The sea
Art galleries and quaint shops
Old Portuguese homes
Beach lounges
Beautiful B&Bs
Mojitos, agave and beer
Intense conversations & inane chatter
Creative folks
Photography & music
Cats and dogs
Bike rides through the country side
 And more rain
I am back, missing Goa, but completely rejuvenated by a week by the sea. Sharing some of the pics in this post; will share more from the places I visited and stayed at, soon. Feels good to be back on the blog, back to you guys! Have a little trove of posts ready just for you!
See you later in the week!
[Image Copyright: Mine. If you would like to share, please link back to this post and An Indian Summer]

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  1. Gorgeous… so look forward to seeing and reading your posts! Are those fenny bottles… I have been wanting to get my hand on those beauties for a while.

  2. Hi Bhavna, lovely photos! Is that a Nikon DX 4000? Could you share what lenses/ filters you've used in the above photos? Thanks!