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There are times when you merrily skip work (aka don’t blog) because there is such a holiday spirit around you and you are totally in the mood for taking a vacation. You come across pretty things and you bookmark them, for you want to share them with your favorite people, but umm…not today, maybe later. You think you’ll cuddle into that warm throw with your favorite book, just one more day. And then, on one of these lazy days, you get an email, full of such treasures, that your heart skips a beat. You get very excited. You throw that throw off and open that laptop promptly. For you gotta share this exciting new indie store on the block! So my dear readers, here I am, back after a weeks’ hiatus, with Phantom Hands
Deepak’s love for history and mythology, and Aparna’s innate interest
and skill in art, is what propelled the couple to start Phantom Hands,
the online store of carefully selected, unusual to rare antique
furniture, collectibles and decor objects. The name Phantom Hands is a metaphor for all the unknown artisans who have contributed to the perfection of each object and artifact, which truly are a culmination of centuries of craftsmanship and skills, passed on from generation to generation.
I love the range of antiquities and curiosities that Deepak and Aparna have collected. From exceptionally well crafted furniture pieces to beautiful figurines, metal masks, old books to vintage flasks and bottles – and everything available at the click of a mouse!
Here’s what Deepak and Aparna have to say when it comes to their aesthetic and curation process:

“Phantom Hands evolved out of our personal interest in antiques and curious vintage objects. When we are in the presence of a beautiful antique of vintage collectible, the craftsmanship, pride and attention to detail become obvious – and a certain kind of real energy fills the space around it. To us that’s a very palpable feeling. We also feel a subconcious comfort around old/used things.

This is not to say that we genuinely like all antique objects. We like an aesthetic that is less ornate and where the simplicity, lines and proportions and logic of construction stand out. What is really interesting to us is that many antiques have this simplicity and minimalism, qualities that are not usually associated with antiques. Therefore the antiques we offer fit in with our contemporary lives without having an air of oldness or anachronism in its look and feel.

Then there are the fascinating stories associated with these objects. These objects take on a new meaning when you learn about their origins or about people who used them. Antiques hold a part of history, which is largely undocumented and undervalued. We like the idea that the homes of each of these objects become custodians of this history.

At the end of the day, we don’t have a checklist to seek out things we like. We just pick what we connect with and then later rationalize why we like it.”

What you find in Phantom Hands has been, over the years, sourced from collectors, dealers and antique experts. The couple also travel and hunt for treasures, and often find beautiful objects in the unlikeliest of places – an old printing press, a precision machining factory or through the grapevine. They then go through the process of determining authenticity and provenance from experts and proceed with careful restoration if needed.
Shop for the many treasures at Phantom Hand right here. Each object is well photographed and details of its antecedents listed out. Phantom Hands also takes great care in packing and shipping each item, which takes care of a big concern when shopping for collectibles. I shared my favorites with you in the post; tell me what you like the most!

[All images: Phantom Hands. Creative Story boarding: An Indian Summer]

I’ll surface once again later this week, to share with you some very creative folks and wonderful new stores, before I don on my holiday cap and wine & dine the last week of the year away :).
See you then, folks!


  1. Anonymous

    I have seen these most of these items in an antique store in Pondicherry. Infact ended up buying a jewellery embellished Ravi Verma Laxmi for exactly Rs 1200 🙂 Just got lucky I guess!

  2. Beautiful. . Thanks for featuring this

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