Monsoon GiveAway

It’s the weekend! Finally.
And to kickstart the joie de vivre
Here’s a giveaway from one of your favorite stores
Tadpole store has grown by leaps and bounds since the time I posted about it last year. They not only have an interesting array of beautiful products but now also ship internationally. Home decor, art, personal accessories, jewelry – you name it, and they have it!
~ The Give Away! ~
Tadople Store would like to offer a voucher on INR 2500 [$50] to one An Indian Summer reader, to make purchases from the store. Tadpole Store will ship the product right to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.
All you need to do to enter the giveaway:
1. Just browse through Tadpole Store, and leave a link to your absolute favorite must have product on facebook (click right here)
2. Leave a comment on this post as well to double your chances!
3. That’s it! The winner will be announced on Aug 1st (Thursday) on facebook. Make sure you are connected to An Indian Summer to get the update!
Happy Weekend Folks! 
[Images: Tadpole Store. Creative layout: An Indian Summer]

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Comments (56)

  1. nice .. I loved this lamp as it reminded me of a similar cane lamp we had at home.we used to enjoy watching the patterns the light would create on the walls.I have fond memories of it

    Honestly, it was really difficult to choose one product from such a wide and beautiful collection. Still, I decide to choose this pretty, neon bag as my pick for this contest.
    Everyday I drool over the amazingly beautiful accessories and all other items on the website. I feel really lucky to have found you guys. You're totally my fashion mentors. I keep looking forward to your posts and ofcourse, contests! 😉
    Many many congratulations on your huge success. May you get thousands and lacs of likes and fans. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work!
    – Ashita, a permanent fan 😀

  3. I am feeling really happy to see such abundance of talents in India and Tadpole Store has done a good job in bringing those talents under one portal! Love it !! And thanks to Indian Summer, I was able to come across this wonderful site!

    I loved this product – the wall clock! It's a genius design !! Love it! Congratulations Mad(e) in India for this beauty!

    Thanks and congrats!

  4. All the pieces of tadpole store are my fave so its really hard to figure out which one to choose but the one I liked the most is this cinamon flat bread container ………its so lovely and the design is so exclusive and nice which I think would become the best gift for my mom's birthday……….thanks An Indian Summer for making us available such nice products……….

  5. I love the tadpole store. Have so many items on my wish list. Just waiting for my first pay day and then I go beserk 😀

  6. An eclectic mix of products from traditional craft infused with creative touch and well designed master pieces. If I have one product to choose, which is bit hard but I wold go with Chitai Floor Lamp, which is fine balance between modern and traditional. The traditional jaali work and modern lamp structure are perfect for me. As they say right type of lightening can define mood and create an atmosphere..

    Divya Dugar

  7. My absolute favorite must have product from Tadpole store is : Roesia Necklace

    I love the unique design, style and color combination of the necklace. It is creatively hand-crafted – merging high fashion to the colors of the rainbow seen in the Indian sky. It is stylish, trendy and perfect to stand out in the crowd. It will match well with both traditional and western outfit.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    My Email Id :

  8. Hi,

    Here's my entry for the contest.

    My favorite piece from exquisite lot is the GIZA GRACE NECKLACE-
    This statement neck piece studded with big, chunky stones is quite bold enough to jazz up one's ultimate look,add spice to the attire and vivid dimensions to one's persona.This is the one accessory that could transform an ordinary outfit into a masterpiece.A simple ensemble can be easily bejeweled and bedecked into an extraordinaire if accessorized with this Necklace.It is a hint of panache to our dam glam world.It is such a versatile piece of jewelry which could jell well perfectly with so many outfits, ranging from a basic LBD,a crisp white shirt, an ornate black evening gown, an exquisite gold-woven silk saree,a plain chiffon flowing dress, a plain cotton kurta and much more.This single piece of accessory is enough to carry the whole look by its own and need not require any other piece of jewelry/accessories.

    It would definitely enhance my beauty by giving a correct definition to my face if I don it with my black corporate suit with a beige shirt which is surely gonna compliment this Giza Grace Necklace's brown and champagne colored stones and its bold-gold look. So, its absolutely a must-have in my bijoux box.

    Thanks a ton for this fantastic Giveaway !


    Princess Manaswi

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway.

    I'm simply drop-dead seeing the magnificent collection on Tadpole, however my heart skips a beat, exclusively for the "Her Highness Tunic" as it truly evokes the royal essence of womanhood. Its absolutely Bold, Beautiful, Young, Jazzy & Peppy. This attire portrays the modern woman's style quotient & her aesthetic sense, illuminating vivid aspects of a her personality where she is Wise & Whimsical, Charming & Charismatic, Serene & Sober yet Stylish & Striking as well. Seems Aharin India has created an ample balance between a woman's Aura, which is skin deep and her Panache that glorifies her outer shell. The attire is Suave, Smart & Sophisticated yet Traditional, Demure & a Class apart. Kudos to Aharin, for creating such an uber-chic, multi-hued & vivid pallet of clothing for youngsters like me who love to flaunt their style quotient without much skin show. I just love this ensemble as it resembles the true 'ME' ie, simple yet quirky, vintage yet modern, and raw yet chic. Its truly a versatile piece of clothing; when teamed up with a pair of leggings/churidar, its kind of a traditional attire and if worn like a dress, it turns into a modern hi-fashion stuff. The intricate detailing of the print inspired by 'Mughal Era's bani-thani (Miniature Painting)' gives it a traditional twist making this ethnic outfit perfect for any auspicious or festive occasion. This is a must have addition to my wardrobe which is definitely gonna cater all my fashion requirements whether be it a Pooja or a Party !

    Thus my ultimate choice shall be ~

    Once again Thanks a lot for this fabulous giveaway ! 🙂



  10. killer collection.. Don't know what to choose but? Never been in this situation before 😛 .I am obsessed! Want to buy it all! I will love my filter coffee in new Tadpole Store mugs! 🙂 also loving these chic designer umbrellas with Indian-inspired designs.Totally intrigued by the quirky prints, decor and accessories but i think this cushion is calling out my name
    thank you so much for the fab opportunity

  11. I really loved all the stuff on the site and would love to have some of the fun and quirky things in my home..
    My absolute favourite is the Kumbhkaran cushioncover .When I was young I used to doze off a lot and my dad being an army ofiicer cudn stand it hence I was named Kumbhkaran and most of my holidays started with a sprays of water on my face,putting our cats and dogs into my quilt till they lick me off, tight slaps and sometimes I was thrown off the bed all asleep when my dad overturned.Now my Dad is no more and I feel whenever I will use the cushion it will remind me the benefits of being an early riser.As my dad said everyday…Early to bed and early to rise makes a man Healthy ,Wealthy and Wise..

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for this lovely GIVEAWAY 🙂
    commented over FB n now come back here 🙂

    OMG…. what a collection I just love the Tadpole Store. Everything is so creative n awsm… n yes very difficult to choose only one 🙁 but among all m most fav. is

    The reason being I have always been a trend-setter in terms of style & this dress will accentuate ma presence 🙂

  13. I love almost all the products displayed in The Tadpole store. But the item which looked so exquisite is the "Gond Painting Tray" by Design Aasana! The tray with its painting looking so lovely took my breath away. I have trays with floral designs and so on, but not with such cute animals painted on it! Lovely collection Tadpole!

  14. Hey!
    Commented over on Facebook, and then came back here.
    I love the Tadpole Store. They have some of my favourite designers: Itr, India Circus, and Blueprint. If I have to choose only one product, it would definitely be the peach jacket from Itr.
    But since I also adore India circus, it would be remiss of me not to put in a link to this absolutely cute and hilarious coffee mug:

  15. If there is a fairy godmother looking out for me I would ask her for
    For the simple reason that by a quirk of fate my mum, niece, and sister have something from the House Of Wandering Silk (love the turn on "upcycled") LIVING IN PAKISTAN while I live vicariously through them looking at the pics they put up.
    I say give someone who has made Delhi home a chance?
    And you know believe in fairy godmothers once more

  16. killer collection.. Don't know what to choose but? Never been in this situation before 😛 .I am obsessed! Want to buy it all! I will love my filter coffee in new Tadpole Store mugs! 🙂 also loving these chic designer umbrellas with Indian-inspired designs.Totally intrigued by the quirky prints, decor and accessories but i think this cushion is calling out my name
    thank you so much for the fab opportunity