Free People and India

In my last post when I said that ‘It’s party time’, I really did mean it, folks! An Indian Summer brings to you a superb giveaway from the iconic fashion brand – Free People! Read on to know more about the giveaway, and also get a glimpse into Free People’s deep India connection!
Free People is one of the immensely successful brands owned by Urbn Inc., who also own the fabulous Anthropologie and the hip Urban Outfitters. Free People designs clothes and accessories for the women who enjoy a modern bohemian style and revel in the nomadic spirit.

I have always been drawn towards Free People because of their eclectic designs and also the very visible connect with India. In 2010, they launched the speciality line known as FP One, designed by a three member team of designers, completely in love with India! All FP One clothes are made in India and are made to blend traditional old world aesthetics with modern fashion and design.

Merrie, the lead designer and the brains behind this line, has always been infatuated with India, it’s colors, the fabrics and the skill of the craftsmen. She spends six months each year in India, developing new body styles and techniques, prints and embroidery. The FP One line beautifully uses age old textile craft methods in contemporary silhouettes and styles.  

Also proudly proclaiming Free People’s love and connect with India is it’s store at Rockefeller Center in New York. The fitting rooms are decorated with rangoli, brass urlis filled with flowers, kilim ottomans and yards and yards of lovely textiles from India, transforming the simple act of trying on a dress into a magical experience!  
The Give Away! 
And now comes the really fun part! Where ever in the world you might be, you can win a $100 gift card to shop from! Free People ships internationally and will email the gift card to one lucky, oh-how-lucky, An Indian Summer reader!
All you need to do:
1. Look through the fabulous collection at FP, and pick a favorite piece of clothing/dress
2. Tell us the name of your favorite pick from FP and also tell us ‘where would you wear the dress to on a gorgeous summer day’, by leaving a comment:
  • Right here on An Indian Summer’s facebook page 
    • make sure you are logged onto facebook to be able to do this
  • In the comments section of this post
  • Both the above places to double your chances!
That’s it!

Free People and An Indian Summer will announce the winner on Tuesday, July 3rd.
Grab your lucky charm and enter your comment now! May the power of the charm be with you 🙂

Thank you Free People for hosting this lovely giveaway! Can’t wait to see who wins! 
Also check out Free People’s blog for more fashion and lifestyle inspiration.


Winner Update [June 03, 2012]!

Oh My God!
What a fabulous fabulous response to the giveaway!
I adored reading through your comments and stories
I wish I could send YOU ALL a giftcard
There has to be one winner 
The lucky, oh-so-lucky winner of $100 gift card from Free People is

 Congratulations Kiera! Send me an email and we’ll send the $100 giftcard your way.

Thank you  
To everyone who participated

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[All images copyright: Free People and An Indian Summer]

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  1. It is so complicate to pick just one, but there is a dress i fell in love at the first look: Embellished Palms Tunic, i think is absollutly perfect for any time, it depends of the accesories you use with whem you wear it. I imagine me on a sunset walking on the seashore…<3

  2. The smoke and mirror maxi dress. I'd wear it for a day of shopping and brunching with friends, followed by finding a seat outside at a coffee shop and people watching.

  3. i'm totally in love with the fp one limited edition beach bride dress. it's all cotton and light, perfect for hot miami summers. i would wear it every day. anywhere.

  4. I would wear Ana’s Limited Edition Ballet Dreams Dress to go walking in my favourite country garden estate – I love the mixture of fabrics and textures, this dress would look as beautiful under a canopy of trees as it would next to the river! And it'd be stunning in my favourite restaurant Negociants – the prefect bohemian bar which serves the best food ever! Teamed with some gorgeous sandals and a headband this dress would stand out in any situation! 🙂

  5. i am absolutely in love with this style! I am a textile artist that specializes in asian embellishment so this is right up my field. & what better way to show off this fabulous aesthetic then through fashion. I absolutely love this outfit: paired with this bag: and this bracelette: This outfit is perfect for an evening bonfire get together with your friends this summer. But before the party, this vintage bikini:

  6. Totally the Peacemaker Dress for the win! Effortless and feminine and a total wear all the time anywhere piece. I'd pair it with cute denim shorts and striped TOMS and wear it all day from the beach in Half Moon Bay to Chinese dinner that evening. Great dress!

  7. Thank you so much for your enlightening post. I wasn't aware of the FP ONE line, though I've been a fan of Free People for quite some time. I went to India a few years ago for mission/volunteer work and it makes me happy that there is an actual connection in buying clothes from the FP ONE line to India! It's not just a nameless, imported product, but it is a work that continues tradition and culture.

    I would choose the FP ONE Fez Dress. It's girly and flirty, with a unique, artsy edge in the detailed, colorful embroidery. I could imagine myself wearing it on a Sunday with strappy wedges or sandals, stopping by the Farmer's Market in the morning to buy flowers for my mom and some scones and veggies. Then to church, brunch, and sitting at a cafe with some friends. It could also be dressed up later in the night with a structured jacket/blazer, statement bangles, and heels.

    🙂 , Stephanie

  8. I really had a hard time picking just one dress but Iam so in LOVE with the Kristal's Limited Edition White Summer Dress!I have my eyes on it since ages! This piece is so ethereal and beautiful that I wouldn't want to wear it on just one ocassion, but many…I have a trip planned for Goa this August with my friends and this dress would be just perfect for a summer beach party! Super excited! If I win;)

    PS: Hi Bhavna, Iam a fashion designer and put up in Dlf. I actually have been wanting to write to you since so long but never got to sit down to actually do it. My boss mentioned your blog to me a few months ago as we keep researching various design sites. And I have to tell you, I religiously follow your blog and I totally love it! Infact I was thinking of mentioning anthropologie to you as the essence so went along with the nature of your blog. Keep up the great work.

    Nibha (

  9. For my gorgeous summer day I would wear the FP ONE Ipanema Embellished Short, because it is casual yet it can be dressed up. I would wear it to hang out with my girlfriends, then dress it up for a night out with my boyfriend.

  10. On a gorgeous summer day I would wear the "Ivory Subtle Moves" dress as I was strolling through the Granville Island Market. I would have sun kissed skin, coral painted nails, gold accessories, hair down in beachy waves and some cute brown motorcycle boots on. After exploring the market I would head on down to the beach for a moonlight campfire picnic. I'd make sure to bring my "Traveler Denim Jacket" too.

  11. I have found the perfect dress for the perfect weather for the perfect New York City…Merrie's Limited Edition Flapper Dress. As a New Yorker the flapper dress is an extension of my bohemian spirit. I am so wearing this to a romantic dinner by the shores of New York with my perfect dream date on the perfect night where the stars are all out and dazzling us with their simmer and beauty…just like the shimmer in my Flapper Dress. My dream date awaits. Please make it come true. 🙂

  12. This summer has been about flowly tops and dresses and bikini's for me so I love the FP One City Peasant Blouse in teal – I'd definitely have this over my swimsuit and a white lace mini for my weekends at the beach!

  13. I love the Smoke and Mirrors Maxi Dress because of the cutout back, length (I'm short, and the maxi isn't too long), and the bit of shine. I live in SoCal, and it's a perfect breezy dress that can be sexy and casual. On a summer day, I'd wear it to a farmers' market/flea market in the day and an outdoor movie or art walk at night!

  14. What a perfect giveaway!I am getting married in New Orleans towards the end of the Summer. The Merrie's Limited Edition Flapper Dress would be the absolute loveliest frock to wear for my bohemian ceremony in a tropical old world courtyard! The layers and sparkle with a touch of color~how divine!

  15. I love the 'El Matador Mini dress' is what Ive been drooling over for the past 3 days! Its very bohemian and colorful…It would be perfect for a day of lolling on a beach shack with a book and endless glasses of watermelon juice. The same day would end with a sheesha and some mojitos under a starry night perhaps on the same beach 🙂
    Shruti W.

  16. I my absolute favorite would have to be the Brunch Date Dress. I can just imagine myself wearing it on a magnificent summer day with my best buddies strolling through the beautiful backstreets of San Francisco.

  17. I fell in love with the Washed Ashore Maxi. It´s perfect for going everywhere, for a stroll around the city, for a dinner with friends, even for a wedding – as a guest or as the bride!
    Thanks for the giveaway and for the inspiring blog!

  18. To an 'Indian summer's' picnic I would wear this gorgeous inspired dress,
    Flowing fabric and vibrant colour – free from any stress!
    The hot summers sun with a cool glass of lemonade,
    Wearing a free people frock – truly a day in heaven would be made.
    The ethical & moral context behind each dress is what I love most,
    To 'Free People for bringing such unique pieces' I do toast!

    I love the 'So-Modern Dress'

  19. For my gorgeous summer day I would wear 'Festival Knit Dress'.
    I think I would never take of this dress..And I would go to my city festival with it and this dress would make me feel very beautiful,free and special!
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  20. I fell-in-love with the 'So Modern Love Dress' I would make me feel like a Bohemian Princess. I would wear it for a night out with my husband or for a romantic picnic day. This dress would definitely make feel very beautiful and special.
    Thank you for this giveaway and God bless ^^ !

  21. For my ideal endless summer day, I would love to wear the So Modern Love Dress I would make this look my own by punking it up with chunky metal cuffs, a messy bun, the Rockaway Cutout Wedges, and the Lace Up Leather Jacket if I get cold.

    My beau and I would begin the day by attending Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. We would then have a picnic at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach overlooking the breathtaking views of the California coast as the waves crash against the rocky cliffs. With our bellies full we would make the journey to Culver City's Boulevard Music Summer Festival and listen to Argentinian rock and Gypsy Jazz! Afterwards we would drive to the top of Mulholland Drive where the sparkly embellishments of the So Modern Love Dress would catch the reflection of the stars.

  22. I am in love with the Mara Hoffmam long chiffon ponch dress. I am a new mum and a dress like that would give me the confidence to step out with new post pregnancy body and own my new 'mummy" identity in style. I would wear it at the start of summer to go for a picnic on the cliffs and do some whale watching with friends, and then in the evening throw a shawl over my shoulders for a barbeque by the beach!

  23. Definitely "Terri's Printed Dress." I would wear this on those nice, breezy summer days at the park or the beach.

  24. For my ideal endless summer day, I would love to wear the So Modern Love Dress I would make this look my own by punking it up with chunky metal cuffs, a messy bun, the Rockaway Cutout Wedges, and the Lace Up Leather Jacket if I get cold.

    My beau and I would begin the day by attending Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. We would then have a picnic at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach overlooking the breathtaking views of the California coast as the waves crash against the rocky cliffs. With our bellies full we would make the journey to Culver City's Boulevard Music Summer Festival and listen to Argentinian rock and Gypsy Jazz! Afterwards we would drive to the top of Mulholland Drive where the sparkly embellishments of the So Modern Love Dress would catch the reflection of the stars.

  25. I imagine wearing Kristal's Lace Fit and Flare in white as I stroll through the streets of Florence, Italy, my soon to be new home for the next few months. The intricate lace details of the dress will gracefully dance in the wind. It will be a work of art accentuating the art treasures hidden in very corner of the city. The delicate touch of the dress will soften the style of the SLR camera hanging on my shoulder in place of a handbag. My wrists will be accessoried with golden bangles purchased at one of the many gold stores scattered throughout the city. My eyes will be hidden from the sun with retro cat eye sunglasses. My freckles, angel kisses from the sun, will perfectly contrast the pure white color of the dress. A bright smile will be my main accessory – as it always is – to the most serene day of summer.

    Courtney Mastrangelo

  26. I would wear the Chiquita Lace Up Shorts to the Peach Music Festival in PA. Mid-August is going to be brutally hot, so all I want is to enjoy the music and stay comfortable and cool… these shorts with a loose white tank and piled on accessories make a statement but still allow for total comfort.

  27. I would wear the Court Me With Flowers Babydoll Tunic Dress in the color almond anywhere! A summer barbecue? check! a romantic sunset on the beach? check! an outdoor concert? check check check!

  28. I would wear the secret garden shift dress on any ordinary day because as a mom I want to feel beautiful everyday. When you fell beautiful, you ARE beautiful

  29. I luvd the FP ONE Catalina dress in black. i wud pair it with lots of chunky bangles n bracelets. wud wear 4 a beach party.

  30. I really like the log cabin woven dress and would wear it to an outdoor celebration ! Thanks for the chance to win it ! Best~ Robyn

  31. My favorite is the Peacemaker dress for its versatility and comfort! Such a gorgeous print too!

  32. I would wear the peacemaker dress because it embodies the feel of summer: cool, light, and effortless. I would where this dress to a moonlight feast prepared by my friends and i enjoying the night, food, and company.

  33. Kristal's Lace Fit and Flare Dress: It's the perfect dress for a city trip. During the day I would wear it to go shopping and in the evening to have a drink at a rooftop bar.

  34. The absolutely stunning Crochet Monokini — in sweetest Plum, no less! ^-^
    My heart has been aching for this little beauty since first setting eyes on it. I would plan an extra special trip to the beach just for wearing this. (: She costs about $50 more than the giveaway but she's worth it! I've never spent even that much on a swimsuit, let alone a HUNDRED and fifty, but… ah… *sighs* ♥

  35. I love that store! Sometimes I just walk in and look around because I just find it so inspiring. I never buy anything because, i don't have the cash, but just seeing the pieces makes me happy. I love their boho feel and especially the Zig Zag Cami. So cute! I'd probably wear it with some distressed shorts to the beach or just walking around town. If not, I can still just dream. <3

  36. So I'm basically a shoe-aholic. On my tight budget I can really buy all the shoes I googly eye over online and in store. While the aurora sandal or oxford shoe would probably be more practical for my purposes, I absolutely adore the vender boot. Even with the $100, it is still out of my price range. Oh well, a girl can dream.

  37. Eden Rock Embellished Tank Dress: I would wear this out to lunch or dinner on the pier on a beautiful summer day in Santa Barbara.

  38. Way to many to choose my fav! I am in ♥ with the Emma Too Fer Dress in washed charcoal. Perfect dress for summer to wear from beach to bar, the side slits make this a sexy yet not too revealing dress that could be paired perfectly with some awesome sandals!!

  39. Right now, the "Peacemaker" dress is number one on my wishlist!

    One thing I love about Free People, and especially FP One is the attention to detail, and how every piece stands out so much on its own. I'm a sucker for embroidery, design, and any sort of beading/"sparkle" because I like having unique items in my closet, which is why FP One is my favorite section of Free People.
    But this dress by itself, even though it isn't part of FP One, is an amazing summer-into-fall piece. It would be perfect for walking around downtown, going to some art fairs, and having an all around great day.

  40. So Modern Love Dress
    Style: 25353004

    Gotta wear this lovely chiffon dress in one of my vacation place, Santorini, Greece…the intricate design of the dress gives a serious punch of awesomeness and compliments the subtle feminine effect of the chiffon…perfect for exploring the beautiful island.

  41. Oh my goodness! Such wonderful stuff, but I think I would have to pick the So Modern Love Dress! I could see myself wearing it during the day with flats to shop around in Seaside, Florida and then throwing on some wedges at night to get drinks at a rooftop bar!

  42. What a great giveaway! I love the Mara Hoffman Easy Button down Tank Dress. I would wear the dress for cocktails and then dinner at a thatch-roofed open-air restaurant on the gorgeous Tulum beach looking out over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean in Mexico.

  43. I would wear the FP ONE Fez dress in White. My dream destination would be Capri, Italy. The perfect dress to explore the picturesque city on a warm and sunny day. pearl_lee1 at hotmail dot com

  44. I would wear the "FP ONE Embroidered Mini" paired with a crochet one-piece for a walk across Venice Beach with all my girlfriends, ending with a sunset stroll on the sand.

  45. I would wear the Bell Jar Cami,Style#24554776 in Salmon and Stud Patch Pocket Embroidered Cutoff Short
    Style: 25538208..To a Summer Rock Concert with my Sweetie!

  46. I would wear the El Matador Mini Dress to the outdoor party/bonfire that my handsome U.S. Marine is going to be taking me to on his friends land he owns in the country for when he visits for a week. it's a beautiful, simplistic dress that adds a nice bit of sexy and would give me the confidence for when i meet all of his friends for the first time.

  47. I would wear this dress because it is perfect for New Mexico. It would work well going out on a date with my wonderful boyfriend, and having the soft gentle breeze blowing it softly. Or it would be perfect dress to just go out in all the active an fun festivals here. Plus it incorporates, with the belt, a lot of our culture here in New Mexico and I would stand out from the crowds wearing this dress. Along with the festivals, and dates, I would probably wear this dress as casual wear for the pageants that I participate in. It is the perfect touch of flirty and romantic, which is the style I love so so much and perfect for casual. Truthfully if I had one dress to pick out, that I could only wear this summer, it would be this beautiful blue one. I could do anything in it I want to, take photos, go to the lake in it, or just have a small night on the town with my friends. I don't know what it is that makes this dress perfect for any summer memory in New Mexico… It just is :)! This is the dress:

  48. pretty hard to choose just one favorite but the peacemaker dress keeps catching my eye. Being in Victoria, BC. we have a short summer. This would be perfect for evening festivals and can carry over through the mild winter. It is gorgeous, I love the indian influence.

  49. FP's Emma Too Fer Dress in 'peach sand' is so subtle and sweet, I see myself turning heads in it while picking peaches in the orchards under the prodigious canyon walls of Capitol Reef National Park.

  50. I would absolutely love to wear the 'So Modern Love Dress' while lounging around the Isle of Capri on a gorgeous, summer day. (Perfect summer vacation/graduation present? I think "YES!") This is my favorite piece from FP's current collection; it would pair so well with my new Jeffrey Campbell's.

  51. Wow so generous! Thanks you! : )
    I would love to wear the FP New Romantics Cirque Trapeze Dress! It is so gorgeous! I am going to a Florence and The Machine concert and it would be so perfect for that! Also during the day me and my friend love longboarding for hours and it is just the right length to do that and also comfortable! It is also very fun, flowy, and colorful and would look really fun while I was riding! It matches my board too! : ) I can see myself wearing it every season with some accesory changes! I absolutely love this dress!
    -Kristen Cloutier

  52. You can often tell how the dresses of FP makes a girl feel by the way the models facial expressions and body language vibes off in the pictures. The stances of the dresses for the Brunch date or any other Ginger clothing tends to have the model giving a seductive look because that's how you will feel when you wear a dress like that and for a Candy-esque dress like Terri's printed dress, the model is seen happily smiling sweetly. The FP NEW ROMANTICS CIRQUE DRESS's model stance caught my eye because I am somewhat introverted and I can not easily share glances like the other models are doing. The dress would make me feel effortless in such a free-flowing to make my encounters be a bit more casual and relaxed. The dress is the type of special clothing that one could have the most magical moments with like meeting someone for the first time and slowly opening yourself up with just as the flowers on the dress are fully open and blooming. I could see myself taking a nice stroll alone on the pier I live next to or in a museum like LACMA or the Getty in LA or roaming the little towns of Catalina island an a hour or so off the coast. It's really a piece of artwork on your dress so I could always be reminded that I will be constantly surrounded by a pretty little garden and I will feel more at peace.

  53. I would wear the FP ONE Limited Edition Beach Bride Dress to a music festival like Outside Lands. It can be dressed up or down easily, so for something casual like Outside Lands I would wear it with a jean jacket and some boots!

  54. I would wear the "Jen's Pirate Booty El Matador Mini dress" because it looks comfortable and I like flowy clothing, there is alot of room for rambunctious movement while managing to stay looking like a complete goddess! I'm obsessed with this dress and I would wear it a live jazz concert by Rahsaan Patterson in a garden anywhere in the world because his voice makes me feel like I'm gently grasping freedom and I've been listening to him everyday since one of my best friends, Claire, introduced me to his soft music.

  55. The Nicholas K Gale Printed Shapeless Dress

    I would wear this to the burning man festival this summer, in Black Rock City, Nevada. The dusty wind of the desert would enliven the draped fabric, whipping it into organic forms, like a separate organism, breathing the desert air and dancing with new-found life. 🙂

    Oh, man! The energy that this dress has. This French Bardot Lace tunic should tell stories about bohemian weddings, wine drinking&dancing under starlight and …midsummer night poetry readings. I imagine one day taking it out of a tacked away suitcase and telling my grandchildren tales of secret gardens, summer concerts in ancient amphitheaters and strolls through the narrow streets of Venice, while holding hands with a soul mate.

  57. I would wear the So Modern Love Dress to visit my 90 year old grandma and take her for a walk in the park. She would love this dress as it is quite similar to one I can recall her wearing in her younger years. I know it would make her smile.

  58. I would soooo wear the French Bardot Lace Tunic just out shopping in LA or Venice beach or Santa Monica Pier, it's a dress to where in the sun so you look and feel carefree yet effortlessly chic! Paired with tons of bracelets stacked on one hand, a simple yet complimentary necklace and gladiator looking sandals or amazing summer heels, with beach blown waves, this dress is a must have to looking amazing without even looking like you tried! Love <3

  59. I would wear the FP ONE Poison Pintuck Slip in mint to my birthday bbq picnic at the park with my family. Water guns and crafts galore 🙂

  60. Dreeam on dip dye maxi dress is mt pick!! I would wear this on my road trip out east with my husband!

  61. Id wear the Fitted With Daises Dress to a summer beach party or a fun day of shopping!

  62. I adore the FP ONE Embroidered Mini. I would wear it to 'What the Festival,' an electronic music festival this July in beautiful White River Canyon, Oregon. I love it paired with a loose fitting white tank, knotted to one side (as shown on the model). Lots of jewelry, gladiator sandals and a side bag. It embodies the outdoor music scene, perfectly free spirited 🙂

  63. The dress I'd wear would be the Peacemaker Dress with a pair of tan knee-high minnentonka boots. I'd totally wear this during my trip to Gettysburg this October. It'd be both warm and cool enough for the weather. Ah!! I'm in heaven just thinking about it!!


    The Retro Sleeve white shirtdress is so classic, but updated with a Boho edge–that perfect balance between pretty and feminine, but not precious/cutesy, that makes Free People my favorite!
    I also (because who can pick just one?) love the New Romantics Floral Corset. So flattering, versatile, and adaptable! I would wear these while exploring the boutiques and galleries of my town on a cool summer evening in the mountains, with a mango lassee from the local Indian cafe, Good Karma!

  65. I would wear the Sleeveless Miles of Lace Dress, in pink!
    To my aunt's chemo graduation party, in celebration of her beating breast cancer.

  66. Starry Night Dress

    I would where this dress today! Wondering the streets and exploring the parks and shops in downtown Boston; my new home. 🙂


    Hello Free People!This brand is my ultimate dream wardrobe, and the Cirque Trapeze Dress has been catching my eye lately. With the beautiful bold yellow prints, and the silhouette can be manipulated for day and night.

    I would wear this dress on a beautiful day off In Vancouver. A picnic with my friends on English Bay, making daisy chains, laughing and eating good food. And because this dress can go from day to night with a simple cinch, My friends and I would then have a great girls night out at our favorite lounge!

  68. My most favorite piece that is a must have is the beaded beauty dress in electric royal. Why? Because it makes me look wicked tall even though I'm pretty short, and the color is to die for perfection. I would wear it do my cousin's wedding this Summer!

  69. I would pair the smoke and mirrors maxi dress with gladiator sandals for a day spent wandering the cobblestone streets of Prague. In the evening, I would switch to the Jeffrey Campbell Estella heels and set out for a jazz club to dance the night away. The smoke and mirrors dress would be a perfect match for the old-fashioned, smoky atmosphere of the club, and the metallic criss-crossing throughout the fabric would be just enough to cast a subtle glow across the dimly lit room.

  70. I am lov-ing the "So Modern Love Dress". It looks like it would be a wonderful, day-to-night transitional dress. Would be easy to relax in the park with a book and people watch, or play a round of bocce with some cocktails and a picnic. Then you could throw on some heels and head to the newest hot-spot to soak up the atmosphere and tunes with good friends.

  71. I would wear the FP New Romantics Crisscross Dress. I would wear it on a gorgeous summer day to my favourite cafe in the morning and after that I would go to a walk on the beach wearing this perfect dress!

  72. I too am a complete freepeople addict! I would wear the icy embellished dress in cayenne out for my bachelorette party in nyc. In fact, my wedding dress is from freepeople, kristens limited edition glamour dress, im so excited to wear it!

  73. Peacemaker Dress!!!
    I live in Texas and my boyfriend is a musician in Nashville, so we don't see each other that often… The perfect, gorgeous Summer day would be in that dress, watching him play at a music festival, and being able to hang out with him.

  74. Floral Print Daisy Fit and Flare is beautiful!!!
    Style: 25486127
    I'd wear it while sightseeing in Palma de Mallorca!!! 🙂
    Cintia Nilsson

  75. Absolutely LOVE the Log Cabin Women Dress! I'm studying abroad in Japan right now, so I would definitely wear it to a botanical garden (Koishikawa) I'm visiting later this month in Tokyo! <3

    Lily Tiao

  76. I'm in love with Ana's Limited Edition Ballet Dreams Dress. I would wear it on a stroll through Montreal, or to Sunday brunch at my local co-op, where there is live music, many puppies to meet, and lots of dancing and hooping to be done!

  77. Zumieria Maxi Dress in Embers for the Mumford & Sons show outdoors on the eastern promenade of Portland,Maine on my birthday weekend! It's a dress that can go from boat deck to beach to the show!

  78. I would love a giveaway. I love free people.

    My number one pick would be the dip dye maxi dress. I would where it everywhere…I would wear it out to dinner with friends, I would wear it transitioning to fall with a cardi and boots, I would wear it to a bbq with some cute wedges…


  79. I love the indian collection! I have visited India many times and this collection reminds me so much of my second home! Beautiful! If I wear in India on a beautiful summer day I would walk the beach in Goa taking in the spices and salt in the air and feeling the sand between my toes…all while wearing the beautiful Tiered Lace Candy Dress!!!!!

  80. I have to say the Peacemaker Dress is my favorite dress. Light & chic. I'd wear it if I were going out to dinner with a cute pair of nude or brown wedges. Adorable !!!!!

  81. I would wear the beautiful 'El Matador Mini Dress' all day on a gorgeous summer day to the Beach festival. there's nothing better than live bands, good cocktails, beautiful people, dancing all night, with friends, family & loved ones and watching the sun set & rise! this dress represents to me exactly what 'free people' brand is.

  82. I would wear the dream on dip dye maxi dress, everywhere! Also I would where the dressfor a walk on the beach hand in hand watchin the sunset with my bf

  83. I have a tossup between two clothes – FP ONE Free to Shine Slip vs FP ONE Pacific Time Blouse. Either or I would have to choose both! Not paired together though!!! They would make a perfect piece to my amazing Sundays. I usually start at the farmers market, then I fallow up with a local flea market, and from then I yard sale and thrift in-between I usually try to find different area to travel so I am not always seeing the same thift-ers and marketers but I do have my favourite spot. Me and my boyfriend also venture out to a small town on Sunday evenings and hit a double feature drive in for 2$ a person. I have to say Sundays are my favourite!

  84. I love the Vintage Powder Blue Maxi Slip Dress, which I'd wear to the opera with a light, summer shawl. My husband and I would then take a post-show stroll to a neighborhood tapas eatery for some wine and small bites out on their patio if it's a warm summer night and wish each other a belated "Happy Anniversary." We always have to celebrate in the summer because we're so busy when it IS our actual anniversary in November!

  85. I have had my eye on the Peacemaker Dress for weeks & would LOVE to win the giveaway so I can finally call it mine!
    I would wear this gorgeous dress, on a perfect summer day, to a picnic with friends, under a willow dress in the Boston Commons. Pair it with slip on sandals, light gold jewelry, & long, blonde waves – screams an Indian Summer, Free People style!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. Free People is my absolute favorite brand. At least 50% of my closet is FP. I would die for the Starry Night Dress in Spice. It's so cute, flowy, completely my style, and a dress I could wear in so many different ways.

    I'd wear this on a day and night out with my boyfriend. To the farmers market to get fresh ingredients and then back home to cook dinner and have a romantic night on the porch by the pool with candle light.

  87. I would love to wear the Peacemaker Dress to Rootwire, a music festival in Ohio. It would be amazing to dance the night away in this dress!

  88. I love this dress from Free People! I think that it is so gorgeous and versatile that you could wear it almost anywhere and you would get compliments. [] I would wear this to a friends birthday party or to a fancy dinner. Love this giveaway! Perfect for summer!

  89. I would love to wear the So Modern Love Dress out at night (in a nearby beach town) with all of my best friends. Or maybe just on a hot afternoon shopping at boutiques…

  90. I dream of wearing the French Bardot Lace Tunic to south Korea for my uncles wedding this August! It's so light, hippie, beautiful, and I just love the vibe.

  91. I LOVE FP One veronica skirt… its so fun and flirty. No doubt I would wear this on a day date… or even night! I love the crochet and corset lace detailing… just makes me feel so girlie… loves it!

  92. The Peacemaker Dress is amazing! I would wear this on a date night with my husband in Downtown Chicago. We just had a sweet baby girl but could use a night out and this dress would be perfect 🙂

  93. My favorite dress is the "Peek A Boo Dress". It's really sweet and seems perfect for hot summer days. I would wear in everywhere! you can pair it up with sandals and a hat for a casual look and some heels and jewlery for night.

  94. I would love to wear the Peacemaker Dress on a gorgeous summer day in Barcelona! (will be there in a few weeks! – Love your blog –

  95. I would love to wear the 'Peacemaker Dress' while sitting in hot summer evenings sipping Chai along the Nariman Point side of Marine Drive 🙂

  96. Rumor Has It Border Print Pant will be my choice and i will wear it to church with a head scarf and white cotton blouse with my husband!

  97. I love your blog and love Free People!! What a great giveaway. I would love to wear 'Jen's Pirate Booty T and B Gauze Coastal Dress' to my birthday party in August.

  98. Oh wow! Amazing give-away. I love the look of the pacific time blouse and the pacific trails pants. I would have a hard time picking 1 thing! The citrus slip is gorgeous as well.

  99. Thank you for this giveaway! I've never heard of FP before, and now that you've introduced me to this amazing shop, i'll definitely be a regular! I love the Starry Night Dress in Ocean. The question is, where WOULDN'T I wear it! This could be dressed up, or down… I would wear it to the beach, I would wear it on road trips, or out for lunch in the park with friends!

    Thank you! xxx

  100. i am in love with the "ICY EMBELLISHED DRESS" in pink lemonade and can totally see myself rocking out to a summer concert or heading out to a classy restaurant with my girlfriends in this amazing dress!

  101. If I were to chose my favorite free people dress (a nearly impossible task, as all are stunning) I would choose the dress that initially caught my attention, the beautiful Shimmy Party Dress. The dress is feminine, flashy, and fun. This unique dress is versatile, allowing it to be worn to a late summer night's rock concert or a tea party in the garden. <3

  102. I believe the Mad Cool Skirt (Taupe or Black) and the true grit denim top would go beautifully together…I'd wear it to a Coldplay concert I'm attending in August.

  103. So many choices! I would love to wear the FP New Romantics Tie Dye Tunic in Water Lily. It would be the perfect thing to wear for my school alumni meet up coming up next month!

  104. I'm in love with the "So Modern Love Dress". Made me go woow! I'm a big fan of turquoise blue. Would wear it at a beach party.

  105. If the right occasion arrose for the FP New Romantics Nearly Famous Shift Dress (in pink sand) to come out of the closet, I surely wouldn't waste it. This shift dress would be perfect for a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (super steller place FYI) and then could easily "shift" into a great night time look with a tough denim jacket for a night out with friends.

    Overall, this dress would do more than insure "near" fame, it would make you the talk of the town!

  106. I totally adore the 'So modern Love Dress'which is a beautifully embellished chiffon dress. I like this particular dress as it goes in with my Indian sensibilities as well as has been styled with an urban cut. Perfect for a contemporary Indian lady like me!!

    For me it is a perfect feminine and flirtatious dress to be adorned for a 'beach party'on a 'breezy summer evening'(would like to style it along with the colorful and peppy strappy chappals perfect for the beach do :)!

  107. My favorite dress from FP is the white Sleeveless Miles of Lace Dress. I would wear it to one of my piano recitals, a day out with my friends or on a date.

  108. I would love to wear the Fez Dress. The breezy cotton would be perfect to wear around NYC when I visit later this summer. The beautiful embroidery adds the perfect amount of color and it's a great piece that can also be worn for a night out in the city with my hubby.

  109. love the Staci Woo Cotton Nightie! i would wear it with some gladiator sandals to my favorite breakfast place on the weekend. so fun!

  110. I would chose the FP ONE Fez Dress ( because it is lightweight and airy, gauzy and all around cute!
    This dress would be perfect for walking around Monte Carlo, Nice, and many other destinations on the french riviera this summer during my trip to Europe! And when I come home from Europe I am just in time to wear this dress to the Folk Festival!

  111. Dream On Dip Dye Maxi Dress
    This dress would be perfect to wear to an outdoor concert, letting the dress flow as I dance my soul out!

  112. Dream On Dip Dye Maxi Dress

    I would wear this dress on our trip to Rome.
    I like the idea walking through little Italian side streets on a hot summer day in this beautiful dress.