Oskar Landi
Oskar Landi, a photographer born and brought up in Italy, has been capturing the many moods of India and it’s people in his sublime images over the last one decade. His project ‘Also In India’, captured on Polaroid peel-apart instant film that was later scanned and enlarged, is currently up at the Impossible Project space in NYC.  Oskar’s evocative art photographs are also available as limited edition prints.

Manasi Kashyap
Manasi Kashyap, a lifestyle photographer and film maker, travels worldwide to capture beautiful homes, weddings, life events, portraits, products and much more. Based out of London, and occasionally Bombay, Manasi’s portfolio captures the space, the environment as much as the key subject. Manasi shoots her lifestyle images on film for the beauty and warmth it lends to the photographs. Do browse through Manasi’s beautiful portfolio on her facebook page, and her website.

[All images copyright respective photographers]

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  1. Wonderful images!

  2. These pics are so gorgeous!! Take it easy 🙂



  3. Luved her pics,they are full of life,..

  4. udd

    love both their works! i want a home so bog that i could accommodate all this beautiful work on my walls!!

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