Orient 499

I have long been an admirer of Orient 499, an eclectic boutique in Beirut. Founded by Aida Kawas and Frank Luca, the boutique is a modern version of a treasure cave, filled with absolutely stunning textiles, original handicrafts and indie designs. Aida and Frank source their products from places like Syria, India, Damascus, Istanbul, Cairo and Uzbekistan to name a few, and also design and produce a large part of their collection in-house. Working with local artisans and designers, Orient 499’s products are a contemporary take on age old craft tradition and materials.  


Orient 499 also designs and stocks gorgeous jewelry and beautiful dresses. I have always loved whatever little jewelry they showcase online and can only imagine how tempting the rest of collection must be!   

I could keep looking at these pictures for hours. Sigh! If only they sold online!
[Image credit: Orient 499]

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  1. I'm gawking over every single item-especially the gold tables on the third pic.

    Long time reader of your blog.. 🙂

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