Orient 499

I have long been an admirer of Orient 499, an eclectic boutique in Beirut. Founded by Aida Kawas and Frank Luca, the boutique is a modern version of a treasure cave, filled with absolutely stunning textiles, original handicrafts and indie designs. Aida and Frank source their products from places like Syria, India, Damascus, Istanbul, Cairo and Uzbekistan to name a few, and also design and produce a large part of their collection in-house. Working with local artisans and designers, Orient 499’s products are a contemporary take on age old craft tradition and materials.  


Orient 499 also designs and stocks gorgeous jewelry and beautiful dresses. I have always loved whatever little jewelry they showcase online and can only imagine how tempting the rest of collection must be!   

I could keep looking at these pictures for hours. Sigh! If only they sold online!
[Image credit: Orient 499]


  1. very very very ……beautiful

  2. Thank you for sharing this company! So beautiful. But I'm aching it's not so accessible online, agh …

  3. I was astonished by all that beauty …Really nice pics.
    Some furniture there remind me of ,Boca do Loboi is it?

  4. Oh so pretty!

  5. Wow! so beautiful & eclectic 🙂

  6. wao the clicks are amazing….


  7. Amazing! I especially love the Modern peg tables with Arabic typography.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful! I'd be broke if they sold online. Thank you for sharing all the wonders with us.

  10. Ah, those candy colored glass light pendents look lovely.

    Cheers! -Teri

  11. I'm gawking over every single item-especially the gold tables on the third pic.

    Long time reader of your blog.. 🙂

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  12. Beautiful!

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