Some thumb twiddling

And some loving!
The Husband and I intend(ed) to take a long overdue holiday this week. But the visa consulate played, and is still playing truant with our reasonably good intentions. The visas are already delayed by a day, and I am fretting and sitting at home with the luggage packed, the household help sent off on a break of her own, work plans re-scheduled, the fridge emptied, and pretty thumbs being twiddled (yes, my thumbs are kind of pretty, thank you). It’s a national holiday in India tomorrow (Yay! Happy Republic Day folks!), so no visas tomorrow either. I have my fingers crossed that we get the visas on Friday and off we go to celebrate the Husband’s birthday in faraway land. With all the finger crossing and thumb twiddling, the only thing I want to do is something that can make me calm – like looking at pretty rooms and talking to you lovely folks out there, who I am sure, would never mess with any one’s visas. Sigh. Over to the pretty rooms now:

 Love the retro mood of this room
 And look! A fabulous post I spotted on Remodelitsa.  
A bungalow in San Anselmo designed by Alison Davin of Jute Interior Design

So long my friends. If you don’t hear from me next week, you would know that I am frolicking in a far away land. And if you do hear from a very grumpy me, you would know that I have a serious serious bone to pick with a particular country for having a nincompoop visa consulate!
[Image credit: Top two from Tumblr, Rest – Jute Interior Design]

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  1. The white walls with the wooden accents in some of these photos look so lovely. It's such an inviting atmosphere. Beautiful!