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August Rain

It’s August already!
Soon the rains would be gone
Autumn would creep in
And in no time
We’ll be getting ready for the new year!

Well, time seems to have slowed down
In these pictures at least
Pictures from Srilanka’s Galle House & the iconic Lunuganga
Beautifully captured by photographer Richard Powers

 And before I leave you
I have to pause,
And Thank You
 All you fabulous people who have been writing in
And are designing An Indian Summer’s identity for me
What would I do
Just what would I do without you?
[All images: Richard Powers]

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Comments (32)

  1. Love your work, they are so beautiful and inspiring and yes I am a avid fan of Bawa's the man behind the creation of Lunugnaga – the place entraps you in a age old charm & magically beautiful..

  2. there was such a water color feel to many of these pics! absolutely gorgeous 🙂
    just feeling happy to see all of these, wonder how would people feel when they live amongst such beauty.

  3. Just so inspiring and relaxing !
    Thank you for giving us this posting Marina

  4. We had a touch of Summer rain the other day, while shopping at the farmers market. It was a pleasant surprise… and so exciting.
    It did not last long.


  5. These are absolutely wonderful..the mural on the wall, the blue and white bedroom, the net swing, the fret wood and carvings in the doorways.. love it all..!