Things I save

There comes a time
When you need to take a hard look
And take some tough decisions
There comes a time
When you need space
A lot more space
On your hard disk
It was that time for me today
To decide
What to save and what not to save
 What inspired me once

Does it still inspire me?

Here’s a snippet from my many many inspiration folders
Some images I decided to save…

How can I not love  this room? The tiny couch with the suzani throw, the lamp, the rug, the dog. 
Oh, the dog!

This is saved in my idea folder for stair landings

Mirror Mirrors on the wall, where can I find you all?

Brillianto idea for messy work desk post-its and notes

The ubiquitous steel jug, not so ubiquitous any more

Pretty details

Wine wine instead of chai chai!
that’s how chai – tea vendors sell their wares at Indian train stations…shouting out chai-chai, holding glasses of steaming tea in wire holders like above
And a few from my color files…

Alternate use of the many mirror work fabric patches I hoard

And, my all time favorite picture frame! 🙂

[Image sources: Sorry, since these images were in my inspiration files, I hadn’t noted down the source!]


  1. Love the site! havent seen it for a looong have done such amazing things with it and in it! Cheers, Gowri

  2. Wow! Just love these images. I am going to save them now 🙂

  3. i only love perfect yellow- and that is =

  4. Awesome collection

  5. Pearly

    One of these pics reminded me of my grandmothers Pfaff Sewing machine…..that was probably thrown away after 70/80 yrs of good use…..what a great way to showcase the sewing machine as an artifact…..Only if I knew better!!!WHATEVER u post is ALWAYS an inspiration.

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