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I spy..

…with my good eye
A hacienda in Mexico
That is not only an excellent vacation spot
But is also beautifully done up
In resplendent textiles, most likely from India
[Note 1: I have a reasonably decent pair of eyes; above one eye thingie was just for it to rhyme. Spy – Eye…see? Note 2: Yes, I am still in a ‘I-want-a-holiday-now-and-right-now’ phase, so you can expect more exotic resorts to show up here. Note 3: The genteel ladies who joined me on my virtual holiday to Argentina, well…here we go again! Pack your bags :)] 

This, my dear readers, is Cuximala, the private estate of Sir James Goldsmith. Actually not so private any more as its now a place for world weary travellers to go and rest their feet and tush. What I really like about this place (apart from the heavenly view and the beach) is the use of colors against the pristine white walls. Just about right.

Ram head chairs with bone inlay craft from Rajasthan
The bedrooms and few of the many sitting areas..

From one of the more colorful villas..

Aren’t the windows beautiful? Reminds me of jaali work from India

[All images: Cuixmala]

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  1. Wow! Absolutely breathtaking.. the interiors make it difficult to believe that's not India, but one look at the landscapes beyond, and you know. 🙂
    Psst: Hi Bhavna, I've been lurking around your blog a while now, happy to just look and smile, but this post just pulled my fingers to the comment box. 🙂 Awesome stuff. Do take a looksie at my new-born

  2. No get me in that travel bag! I want to go too! Such an inspirational spot! I would lounge for a week… or two! Thanks for the dream! Caroline

  3. Hi Bhavana,

    I check your blog everyday. Am in love with it like -totallyyy! And this is by far my favourite post…sooooooo beautiful, very my style….very inspiring. You have an amazing eye for beauty! Keep up the awesome work girl!

  4. I definitely agree with you on the resemblance of the windows to the jaali work you see all throughout ancient Indian architecture. And I adore those Rajasthani chairs and sari-like textiles- makes me proud to be Indian when I see people from other cultures celebrating Indian influences.

  5. Heavenly beautiful! I have been searching for inspirations for my bare whte walls n i found it!! I'm so happy!! Thank you for your beautiful and inspirational blog.

  6. Wowie! Loved the decor, esp the bits of colour against the white..very nicely done!!
    And the colours are all awesome..very indian 🙂
    Loved the views in the last 2 pics.. sure makes you want to go on a holiday 🙂

  7. What a lovely post ! I especially love the picture of the blue jaali windows- lovely use of color.. truly inspiring!

  8. I love the spots of hot colours against the icy cool whites. What a delicious contrast!
    And I am absolutely, positively green with envy over the view in the last 2 photos. Oh wow!

  9. Wow. Wow., Wow.
    All ic an think of is my 2 year old tracking dirty footprints through thsoe pristine white floors.
    Ack! Those rooms are so beautiful. i wonder if this Goldsmith guy is Jemima (ex-Imran Khan's) fatehr?

  10. breathtaking! You do see a lot of Indian decor in Mexico because it does work so well with their architecture and colour sense. Love the white walls….so dramatic! …but love the orange and hot pink especially….

  11. OMG! Love it- it looks so "Indian"- are you sure this is in Mexico? 🙂
    Love your blog by the way.


  12. Your blog is such an inspiration! A color-wonderland, and conditioner for the soul. And a relief from all the, pale, minimalistic interiors in other magazines & blogs! THANK YOU!!!