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  1. Oh your blog is woderful – always so atmospheric and inspiring and I adore the colour schemes! Thank you!

  2. Cuando era pequeña todos lo meses compraba "Nuevo Estilo" para aprender sobre decoración y nuevas tendencias. Creo que todo eso ha quedado en mi retina desde entonces, veo que a tí también te inspira con esta casa que parece sevillana. Un abrazo

  3. Susan, Yoli, Lifestyle Bohemia, Anu, Sudha, Sovina, Kristi : We are all united in our love for beautiful spaces :)..thanks for dropping in ladies!

    Sunita: !!
    your comment made me grin ;)…thanks!

  4. Abha/Himbeer: I know! When I was doing the post, I dillied, and then dallied on putting that pic up..just to see if there would be any reaction. Am all for letting the cows graze, and not grace any rooms..

  5. I love that space in the 3rd photo. What a tranquil, cool place to sit with the breeze riffling over the waterbody! And what an interesting table!
    And I love that house seen at the far end of that parade of trees… lovely! (why do I use so many exclamation marks when I comment on your posts? just can't help it )

  6. I could spend all day in the bedroom with the lovely green Ikat fabric behind the bed…

    But the dining tables covered with animal skins? Not a fan.