Travellers and Magicians


Travellers and Magicians; Tales of a sea gypsy; Atelier; Indigo blue…


These are just some of the themes that lured me to The Society Inc., a eclectic store owned by Grazia’s interior editor – Sibella Court, in Sydney. The store changes its ‘theme’ four times each year, and each theme transports the customers to a story created from products from real places, and imagined eras. 
The interiors and decor in these pics is reflective of the myriad magical themes, and yet has a very real, down to earth feel to it. And that is what I like about such decor – dreamy, but also very doable in your own home. 
Take a look at some of my favorites…

[All images: Society Inc.]


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    Thanks Sara!

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    Was trawling blogs to see if it's possible to have tabs under the header, but that apart, you have a very pretty website. Haven't had time to go through the blog, but the love for design is evident. Will return:)

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  5. I loved this post..your blogs are so illustrattive that it takes me to a different place..The theme here is wonderful..bright and colorful