In conversation with…

…My Blog.

Me: Umm, hello blog

My Blog: Well, hello! About time you updated me this week..
Me: Oh well, I know. But what to do; I am not getting enough sunshine, and.. 
My Blog: Not that I am particularly interested, but go on (blog sigh in the background)
Me: And, its so cold, there is so much fog, I can’t see anything outside, I can’t drive anywhere, and Mr. Shaking Head is traveling so I am bored, and there is no sun, and it’s so cold..
My Blog: Whoa! Enough already! It’s lovely to hear about your diminishing chirp factor, but I have a job to do here. Now, how about updating me, like pronto?
Me: What? Sure, I mean…sure, but I am feeling blue. i.e. when I am feeling blue, all I have to do, is take a look..
My Blog: Hey hey! Do not sing that song all over me again! Here, look at this. It’s one of your favorites. Get inspired woman, and get back to work.
Me: Ah, such is life. Song sung blue, everybody knows one. Song sung..
My Blog: Psst..hello, readers, wohoo, yup, you guys. Oh alright! Ladies and Gentlemen! That is polite, right? Now, can you please send some sunshine her way before I hang (myself)? Pretty please?
And yes, do take a look at her pick of rooms today…no marks for guessing the theme. 


Me: Well, green is a kind of a blue. They are from the same family. They are practically cousins. And then when there is no sunshine, green looks like blue. So there.


[All pics from the fantabulous MarieClaireMaison]

P.S: Me: Did you see what a bully my blog is? Let the sun shine, and I’ll go and tweak its html – change the format, update the design, teach it a lesson! Just wait and watch. 
(evil, but righteous laughter in the background..)




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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for these inspiering images. I am sufring the web for etnic-interior inspiration and found lots of it here. Is it ok if i use some of the images you posted? Ofcourse with a credit to you.

  2. You know, just when I think I've solidified a plan to paint everything white and simplify my entire decor into pale subdued colours, I manage to tumble my way back here and ahhhhhhhhh I realize I love colour! I adore it all! I NEED turquoise! I CRAVE fuschia! All white? What was I thinking???
    Thanks for the reminder darling!!! =)

  3. You said it! What is it about the beginning of the year and trying to find inspiration? Thanks for all the colour, I feel a bit more like blogging myself now…Ann 🙂

  4. LOL! Nice to see you back Bhavna:-)

    The first pic with the amazing pillow covers are yummy:-)

    Will send you some hot chai and sunshine soon:-)


  5. gorgeous images….i am going thru an aqua color phase i feel…it is not like feeling blue…..i find every hue and shade of turquoise appealing… i love all the images.. they are so so fresh and i am sure these cols are calming..thanks for sharing such beauty…

  6. Vivid, authentic interiors that's enough to give anyone life energy. One of the lovely design pages I've seen upto now, bravissima sei.

  7. Hi Bhavna,

    Reader from the Philippines here. I'm glad I came across your blog. I love the interior design and home furnishings/accessories you feature! Keep up the good work 🙂