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  1. Your blog is simply awesome….all the images are great but the two with prickly pear cactus are giving me an itch to transplant my plant to a bigger pot! keep up the good work!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love New Mexico…it would be so great to have a house there. I love the architecture, and all the art/ceramics.

  3. Hello Bavna, I am new to your blog although I don't know why I haven't discovered you earlier. You see, I have been doing a lot of research online on India as I am building a Indian Palace dolls' house. I live in Singapore and have been fascinated with India and Indian culture for a long long time now. I love your blog so much I don't know where to begin :)! It is so inspiring and a good source for making minis, believe it or not. I will be back again and again.

  4. Glad you feel this way Jose'! 🙂

    Thanks Twisha!

    I agree Anaka. Its is very interesteing to research through the history of fabrics, motifs and design and find out how close different cultures are!

    Heading over to your blog NOW, Alexia! 🙂

    Thanks Debra!

  5. Thanks Chrysalis! Yes, I love the earthy feel of this decor.

    Thanks HCH Girl! I am on the look out for this book in India 🙂

    echar un remiendu – you are right, and this is true for almost any country or region..

  6. I absolutely love haciendas! They are full of colours, warmth and are very charming. I stayed in Mexico for about 4 months, you should check some of the pictures on my blog! ;D


  7. Isn't it amazing how some old cultures have a lot of aesthetics in common? A lot of old Indian ikat fabrics look very similar to the colour combinations used in ikat from South America and Africa…

    Love the image created on the floor by the shadow of the trees in the first image.

  8. Hi,

    For me, this is decorating with the heart and not just because a magazine says that this or that style is trendy.
    It's feeling good at home.

    Best regards,


  9. LOVE this post. In addition to loving Texas architecture, I have always been drawn to Mexican design. I love "Hacienda Style" as well as their other books. My friend has been using my books as guides to get a Mexican feel with color in her courtyard. Great inspiration!