Eye Candy Alert…200th time!

This, is my cheesy way of announcing the 200th post on An Indian Summer! I have had a superb time sharing and talking to you via my blog, and I hope to keep doing so for many more delicious years to come. You gals, and guys, rock! Really! Warm or Cool bear hug (choose based on your local weather condition) being transmitted to you, like right now! Followed by a quick thank you peck on the cheek! :)This being the 200th post and all, I have gone a bit overboard. Which translates into a lot of eye candy of design and style that I find myself drawn to these days. And I found all of this on one incredible photographer’s site – Jordi Canosa. The fact that the images also had shades of India and Morocco, here and there, made it all even better :)Starting with some dreamy salón de siesta!above: this work is known as bhandej or bandhini…tie and dyeNow some living /sitting areas..
Some bathrooms..
And other details..

Time to step out of these beautiful rooms, and say Ah! :)[All Images: Jordi Canosa]

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  1. These pictures are simply gorgeous!!
    I totally love your blog and I've introduced it to my mom – and she loves it as well!! 🙂
    Looking forward to more colorful posts from you 🙂

    ~Undercover Diva

  2. Just stumbled upon your colourful blog.Each picture is so unique…I wish I could stay in a place like this 🙂

    Would like to see more such heavens on earth.Do visit my blogs when get time.

  3. Your blog is great, love all the photos.
    Do you know where to find tye and dye fabric? Haven't seen it anywhere here in sweden.
    Have a great weekend:-)

  4. Happy 200th post Bhavna! Well done on showing us your warm personality and the gorgeous images. You've given me more than an idea or two in the last 200 postings….keep up the good work.

  5. you have such an eye!!! I wish I could have this in a book to bring around and reference when I finally get my own house!

  6. Hi!
    I'm glad to visit a great blog. Smart posts and beautiful photos. I like to contact people, all over the world, by his blogs.Would you follow me,because I'm afraid to lost your blog?I'm waiting your visit. Thank's

  7. BTW, is there some kind of telepathic link connecting bloggers? I was telling Rajee that I was googling for houses made of mud and clay and… bingo! She posts about adobe houses, and now you!

  8. 1. have celings and walls like this, 2. have a lot of open space, 3. put in a few well chosen things — and forget about it if you live in a small modern flat.
    But it should be allowed to be dreaming…

  9. 200…Wow! Love all these photos…I want to grab a pail of white paint and change my whole house. Oh ya…and throw a bunch of stuff out while I'm at it. Thanks for the lovely views.

  10. Congratulations!!!! and thank you. I enjoyed every one of the 200.

    These images are so awesome. love that rustic indian feel in every room.

  11. Happy 200th!! 200 gorgeous posts filled with dreamy photos for us to swoon over. Thank you. Here's to 200 more! Cheers!
    xo Isa

  12. I could die for a bedroom like those! Like the most the one with white and blue and the bed part of the room hightened. Gorgeous!!