Lost and Found

The biggest Hello! everHow have you been doing,As the season changed from spring to summer?I have been super occupiedWith work, family and travel(look – the pics from travel below!)And,I also lost my blogging Mojo :(I searched high and lowBut it was nowhere to be found.And then,I was bombarded with emails and commentsSome concerned, some upsetThat demanded that I better speed up this finding schmiding bitAnd come back. Pronto!So here I amPutting together globs of Mojo(I always visualized Mojo as a glob. You?)To gradually ease back intoThe beautiful world of blogging and You!So,Hello! again 🙂 Some glimpses from:Tashijong Monastery – Palampur, HP [India]

Kangra tea estates – Palampur
St. John’s Church in the wilderness – Mcleodganj

And, London

[Pics taken by my new camera. i.e. by me, using the new camera]

And, thank you – new and regular readers, people joining the An Indian Summer gang (Followers), people who commented and emailed, readers who subscribed to feeds even when there was silence on this blog! 🙂


  1. Thank you Kelly! 🙂

    Will do Benney! Watch out!:)

    Thanks American Gypsy!

    Thanks Nath!

    Thanks Kelly!

  2. The color in these photos takes my breath away! So does this blog! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. lovely lovely photos!

  4. The colors of the monastery are simply stunning! Great, great photos. Thx for sharing!

  5. Brava….you never fail to blow me away!!!!

  6. kelly

    welcome back dear bhavna!

  7. Patricia, I am all for impropmtu holidays! Go for it! 😉

    Anon – Thanks a bunch! I will try my best to not disappear again. Keep writing in just to make sure 😉

  8. Anonymous

    Aah! Sigh of relief! Indian Summer is the coolest! Now don’t disappear like this EVER!!

  9. Bhavna… YIPPEE!!! Great to have you back.. and in such great form as well… Loved all your pics… Amazing!! makes me want to run away on holiday!!

  10. Thanks Deepa! 🙂

    Good to hear from you Selya! I am using a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS

    Hi Anrosh, happy to be back :)…and loving your blog posts!

  11. Hey Vini! Thanks a bunch 🙂 How have you been?

    Thanks Anaka – that one is my favorite too :). Unfortunately it wasn’t as cool as I had hoped for…but was definitely better that the roasting Delhi!

    Hey Rajee! Thanks for the welcome back! We visited Norbulingka, but stayed at the Chandpur tea estate (Country Cottage) in Palampur. I think the monasteries had something to do with my getting my mojo back 😉

  12. Aww..its awfully nice of you to say so Royal Creme! I feel blessed to have so many people who were concerned about why I wasn’t posting. I hope to keep bringing colorful inspiration on this blog for years to come 🙂

    Thanks Paavani! I am contemplating another trip in June..hope to bring more travel snaps then!

    Thanks Christine! I am using a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS [Digital camera. Haven’t got the hang of SLRs yet ;)]

  13. way to break the spell of blogging vacation — all those colors…can we have ever have enough?

  14. Hello Bhavna! very glad you found your Mojo and you back!:) Wow, awesome places you have traveled. Great picture and colors! what type of camera do you have now?

  15. Wonderful pics…very artistic!
    The iris in front of the church blends well and it adds beauty to the pic…while the glass paiting is magnificient!

    Have a great day!

  16. You really are back goody… goody… great to have you back Bhavna … I loved the pictures … the St.John’s Church … have fond memories of that place … where did you stay … I hope you put up at Norbulingka …
    Look forward to see your mojo charged up and back in action.

  17. Hey Bhavna,
    Love the last photograph the most! Lucky you- got to travel and escape the heat of Delhi for a while 🙂
    Thanks for writing on my blog- started the FB ads very recently…
    and I would love to retail in Delhi, just haven’t searched hard enough for the right store yet.

  18. Hey! Welcome BACK!! Its great to see you. You were sorely missed! 🙂

  19. welcome back – so glad to see you here again. What kind of camera did you get? Your pics are really sharp and clear.

  20. your pics showing that you had a great time. Now we are eagerly waiting to see more details about your recent travel/trips 🙂

  21. We have been a little selfish haven’t we? It was time away that allowed you to spoil us again. It’s good to have you back and for you to teach us about patience…

  22. Thank you LBE :)..here I come again with crazy colors!

    Thanks Julie 🙂

    Thanks Excellent Taste! [love your name! – leave no doubt ;-)]..I guess yes, monks anywhere would look the same since they follow the same sect. It would actually quite fun to get them to stand still for a few moments for me to able to click them. If you look at them carefully, they are ready to take flight!

    The powerpuff girls! I have nieces (many!) and I can completely relate to your version of mojo, Sunita :). Thanks for dropping by!

  23. Thanks Anusha! I couldn’t get enough of the monastery – the colors, the peace and quiet, and everything so clean and proper. It was a great experience!

    Yoli! Hello and thank you for your welcome! 🙂

    Gracias Kanika! will try to be more regular 🙂

  24. Ah! I can’t tell how tempting 8 degrees sounds to me right now Agusta! I wish we could exchange some bits of our weather and get to a comfortable spring like weather in both Delhi and Iceland 😉

    Thanks Aditi! Loved going through your blog today!

    Thanks Chandan, feels good to be back among e-friends 🙂

  25. Thanks Eva! The photographs were taken at the Tashijong Monastery which is near Palampur in Northern India. The Northern states of India have a rich Buddhist heritage given the exodus of people from Tibet.

    Yes, I too think it was about time Chryselle! 😉 Thanks for dropping me this note

    Thanks Kshama! I recently got a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS

  26. Twisha, I did have a good break last week after two crazy months of work and family commitments! Feels good to be back to blogging 🙂

    Thanks Renate! :)…yup, trying to keep the mojo on a upswing now 😉

    Thanks Manika! Vijay is going to get the camera in his face pretty soon, so he better not say anything 😉

  27. Hi! Its great having you back. Love the photos taken with your new camera. Which one?
    Mojo? Everytime I hear the word I keep thinking of Mojo Jojo in Powerpuff Girls . Aaah.. you can make out I have a little girl in the house, cant you? 😀

  28. Finally you’re back, stumbled onto your blog and noticed how gorgeous your pictures of the interior designs are…. very inspiration and when you were not updating …it was really upsetting and glad you are back to it now…BTW, the young monks look like Burmese monks ….similarities of india and burma i gues…

  29. Welcome back.

  30. Finally! Colour to fill the whole blogging world; overflowing with happiness! Welcome back my friend.

  31. welcome back to blogging! you were missed!

  32. OMG now that is comeback!!!!!!!! Welcome! SOOOO happy to have you back, the images are gorgeous!

  33. Hi!!! I am happy you’re back!!! Wonderful pics!!! Have a nice day!!!

  34. Nice to see you back. The Monastery pics are lovely. The red walls, blue ceiling with gold accents are simply gorgeous.

  35. Hi B, Glad to see you active in the blogsphere again!!

  36. So wonderful to have you back!!

  37. Hi from Iceland again!
    Glad you’re back with your unique and colorful posts -it’s about 8 degrees here so your pics warm my heart ; ) Best wishes Agusta Daniels.

  38. hi bhavna…glad u r back….nice pix…what camera??

  39. About time! We missed you 🙂

  40. Eva

    Wonderful photos, especially the young monks and the monastery door. Where were they taken?

  41. Finally she speaks!! Glad to see you back in action. Your pictures are very very nice. Even Vijay had no wisecracks in response!:-)

  42. So glad to see you’re back! Your photos are lovely, especially the colourful one with the kids…
    Looks like your mojo is up and running again!

  43. Hi, Bhavna, glad 2 know u are back:).Hope u had gr8 vacation… Looking fwd 2 ur updates.

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